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The Explorers


dance, children-and-family

The Explorers! is a multi-sensory, wondrous adventure, where the audience get to help bring to life two stories, with dance, colour & sound.

about the production

The Explorers! is a multi-sensory, wondrous adventure, where the audience get to help bring to life two stories, with dance, colour, sound, and teamwork. The show is a fully inclusive interactive performance and is relaxed, engaging, accessible and fun. It was created for those with specific access needs, and we made the work with disabled children, hospice/hospital patients and their families, so it’s fully accessible for all to enjoy and suitable for children aged 3+. As it’s an interactive show there is a maximum of 40 active young audience members plus their parents and carers.

about the artist

FRONTLINEdance is an artist-led company based in Stoke-on-Trent, placing disabled people and those with long-term health conditions at the core of our organisation as leaders, dancers, artists, and audiences. We do this with heart, skill, and inclusive practice, producing participatory and performance programmes in the community and in healthcare settings. As makers we explore how we can create exciting, relevant, and thought-provoking contemporary dance with d/DEAF, visually impaired, disabled, neurodivergent audiences and hospital patients. We co-create across ages, backgrounds, and experiences, naturally integrating people together, reducing isolation, and improving physical, mental, and social health and well-being.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 6 metres

Performance Space: ideal 6 x 6 / open space with flexible seating arrangement
Get in: min 2 hours
Get out: 1 hour 
Set & Props: There is no fix set. We have soft jigsaw pieces to sit on.
Lighting: No lighting is required. If in a theatre venue then a prior discussion is required. 
Sound: FRONTLINEdance mainly tours with its own portable speaker, operated by the FRONTLINEdance Team. For shows where sound is provided, we have a cue sheet.   
Time between shows:  2 shows per day, 2 hours minimum between shows, please. 
Dressing Rooms: 1 lockable space
Parking: 2 cars

Suitable and accessible for those aged 3+. The show has been created with d/DEAF, disabled and neurodivergent children and those with long term health conditions so it's fully inclusive for those aged 3+ If we have an older audience we can make it more age-appropriate.

"It was a privilege to witness FRONTLINEdance's inclusive The Explorers story performance at Rugeley Library. We were all taken on a wonderous adventure of dance, movement, colour & sound! The dancers were amazing and encouraged children & families to take part bringing stories to life in a burst of creativity and imagination. Thank you FRONTLINEdance for such a memorable and uplifting experience enjoyed by all." (Tracie Meredith, Staffordshire Libraries)

Tracey Meredith - Staffordshire Libraries

“Josh has ADHD & nothing keeps his attention for so long so thank you for being so awesome.”

Audience Member

“A beautiful sensitive experience. Wonderfully in tune with all the children!”

Audience Member

Access for FRONTLINEdance:
Learning disabled & neurodivergent artists
1 performer has deafness in one ear – speak to Dave directly so he can see you, and check for comprehension.
Support worker will be present
1 artist has sensitivity to lights

Access for audiences:
All our shows need to be accessible for everyone, and we embed specific access needs into the show. This means the fee will include and we will provide:
BSL Interpreter
Audio Description
Relaxed Performance
A Touch Tour and Meet the Performer’s in advance (for those who need to)
Easy Read

3 hour Access/Inclusion Workshop: £300 (open to negotiation)
These might focus on:
-making venues more accessible and user-friendly for those with a visual impairment
-training on welcoming d/DEAF disabled and neurodivergent people into venues/events
-recruitment and developing a d/DEAF disabled and neurodivergent workforce, including volunteers
-sighted guidance and visual impairment awareness
-relaxed events and easy-read documents
-inclusive dance practice

1.5 hour bespoke inclusive dance / integrated dance workshops for children & adults: £150
Exploring the surrounding the themes of the show, or FRONTLINEdance’s work in general. We can offer this to all ages and groups of people.

Guarantee £750 - £1000 flexible dependent on match funding, and open to negotiation dependent on travel/accommodation needs

Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Disinfecting of props and costumes for each show