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Empty Orchestra

by Lewys Holt

dance, physical-theatre-and-circus

A new dance show that explores the pains and pleasures of karaoke.

about the production

Empty Orchestra is a new show from Lewys Holt, wherein three dancers perform their favourite karaoke hits. As each dancer takes their turn at the mic, the remaining two take to the space, becoming backing dancers, lip-syncing and encouraging each other into the spotlight. Through the revealing act of singing, Empty Orchestra creates a safe space to embrace both the wild, diva-like highs and deep, uncomfortable feelings of cringe inherent to karaoke. See the pains, pleasures and coping strategies of each dancer unfold as they share their joy, timidity and power. trailer available here:

about the artist

Lewys Holt is an interdisciplinary dance artist based in Leeds. His practice, while focusing on dance, spans comedy, visual arts and devised theatre. Lewys has performed his work at venues across the UK including Summerhall during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe & The Place, London. Lewys makes work that centers the performer as an empowered individual, showcasing their personality and vulnerabilities, through using score based choreography, combining improvisation with subtle wit and formal experimentation, with the desire to push the boundaries of disciplines to make innovative performance.

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stage dimensions

width: 7 metres

height: 10 metres

depth: 5 metres

A detailed tech rider can be found here.

The hook of the show - 3 people singing familiar karaoke songs whilst contemporary dance happens- is easy and accessible to understand, therefore this work is perfect for not only venues with an established dance audience, but for venues who are looking into developing their dance audience through friendly, fun and approachable pieces.

Some of the target audience for this work includes:

People who go to karaoke nights

Karaoke singers

Contemporary dance & Live art audiences Fans of fringe theatre

Fans of pop culture

Music lovers

People looking for a different kind of night out, such as escape rooms

Holt’s choreography is simply masterful

Relaxed performances are available.

Lewys has taught at a number of Higher Education institutions such as Lincoln University and De Montfort University in Leicester, as such he is able to give workshops to students, local artists or those interested in developing their dance improvisation skill set.

These workshops can last from a couple of hours to a couple of days’ residency and can touch upon a number of areas, including:

- contact improv

- developing your choreography

- utilising text within your movement

- ensemble improvisation and composition - solo performance practice

- physical theatre

- career development

- contemporary dance technique

Alongside this, Lewys is more than happy to give post-show discussions

£1500 open to negotiation as we will be applying for Arts Council money to subsidise.