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The Buccaneers

by AMA Theatre Co.


A family musical drama of four dead renegades who rise to live again.

about the production

The legend of Anne Bonny, John Rackham and Mary Read re-imagined in a pulsing, thrilling, and mystifying musical drama abounding in selfish aggression interlaced with passionate romanticism. They are tough and hardened, but they will make you cry, they will make you laugh, they will inspire you, and above all, they will take you on a voyage, to seek the most valuable treasure of all…..”Life!” “In time when evil casts his stain, all good pirates will rise again.”

about the artist

AMA Theatre Co. was set up in 2014 by Annie Albici and Ian Britten-Hull, both actors/directors with over 30 years professional experience. The company has toured many small to mid-scale shows across the UK, including The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Comedy of Terrors, Pantomimes, and workshop productions. Annie and Ian have staged productions at theatres such as The Millfield, Edmonton, The Market Theatre, Hitchin, and Saltburn Arts. During the Covid pandemic lockdown they received much praise, especially in The Stage, for their innovative two-way interaction live online theatre projects.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 5 metres

All our shows are produced to be totally self-contained and adaptable. It would be helpful for a venue technician to operate a basic lighting plot but not essential. Get in times are usually about 2 to 3 hours and get out in about 1.5 hours. We tour with our own sound system and head mics as well as basic lighting rig when required The set expands to fit large stages to a maximum of 9M wide to 8M deep and 5M high. All sets are fire proofed and electricts PAT tested. We have full PLL insurence.

General family audiences however, the show is not suitable for children under 7 years, because there are sword fights and some scenes could be a bit scary for younger children. We have toured an outdoor condensed version to festivals since May to gauge the general public's response. We are pleased we have had excellent positive feedback with families wanting and willing to go to their local theatre to see the show.

“The Buccaneers is a really strong piece. The movement and use of the stage was poetically beautiful, and it has a real kinetic energy. I thought the vocals were strong, but the real showstoppers are the fight scenes and the wonderful way the stage is used. The dance & fight pieces were spectacular for me and real highlights x It’s humorous but also humble. I think it’s a wonderful performance and the show itself does stand up 100 % I loved it.”

Kyra Jessica Willis - Monsteers Artistry

“A calm Anne Bonny and her three henchmen tell us their stories; they weave a deeply enjoyable show.”

Louise Penn –

“The show had energy, colour, and spectacle with an array of familiar and rousing musical numbers. We commend you for your enthusiasm and commitment to staging such a complex production. We should certainly like to have news of other things you might have inthe pipeline.”

Liz Ellis – Baldock Arts Centre

We aim to make our shows as accessible to everyone, although we don't always have control over the accessibility of venues.

We have an activities package that can accompany the production with a sword fighting workshop, prop making and treasure hunt. These activities can be carried out virtually anywhere including outside. Depending on the length of time required and numbers expected to attend a small extra charge may be required. We always offer personalised quotes to each individual client based on their particular circumstances and budgets.

To cover all costs including artist fees, travel, expenses and production costs, the fee for a single show would be in the region of £800 to £1,400 inclusive, depending on distance. We are totally open to negotiation and to work within given budgets. We take box office splits.

The production has a cast of 4 actors, which consists of a couple and two actors. Three dressing rooms would be required. To adhere with the latest government guidelines, we ensure that all cast is fully vaccinated, and tested before a performance, making use of sanitisers, and masks where necessary, all equipment is cleaned on a regular basis, etc. and we conform with a given venues' policy.