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Groove Into the Woods

by Groove Baby


Venture into the deep dark woods on a jazz- and funk-fuelled family adventure for ages 3 – 7. Who will we find? Will they be bad or good?

about the production

Groove Into the Woods is a funny and exciting tale about Holly, Ash and Rowan who are transported into a magical forest. On a mission to rescue their parents from naughty trolls they encounter a confused witch, a rebellious princess and a bunch of other kooky fairytale characters. The show weaves original jazz / funk / pop tunes together with animated storytelling (projected) and fun audience interaction. The show is performed by top quality jazz musicians who have years of family-show experience.

about the artist

The Groove Baby Organ Trio are a searing rhythm machine featuring Laurence Corns on guitar, Cameron Reynolds on Hammond organ and Chris Nickolls on drums. The GBO3 have been performing sell-out shows across the UK since 2015 where the young and not-so-young can shake their stuff. Groove Baby present jazz, world and contemporary music concerts. Designed for parents and carers with children, babies and toddlers, they have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which singing, dancing, crying and playing along are all welcome.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 5 metres

Large projector and screen.
PA and lighting + operators
Headset radio microphone

Children 3-7 and adults.
This show is a great alternative to 'children's shows' - the music is top quality jazz and contemporary music that you might hear in a club in the evening. Dads particularly love it.

We loved the story, the animation, the music of course, the fact that was interactive (although I was the one following the movement, not my 7 years old son). I have a newborn now and I can't wait to come to one of your concerts again!

Michelle (audience member)

Hi! I watched this with my 5 year old son and we both loved it - really brilliant and would definitely like to see more like that please! The narration was amazing!!

Katharine (audience member)

I popped into one of the shows on Sunday and it was great to feel the joy in the room! Rosie and I had positive feedback from parents/grandparents who all enjoyed it and felt it had been done safely and well. So thank you and your team so much.

Helen Wallace - Kings Place, London

Fee starts at £1200 for 2 shows.
Extra costs depend on distance from London and any other bespoke arrangements
Willing to discuss box office split arrangements

This show meets current legislation and has no special reqs.