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by Ghost and John

theatre, site-specific-and-immersive

“Meniscus” - new multimedia ensemble work, cross-continental collaboration project, immersive interactive event and outcry of urgency.

about the production

“Meniscus” is Ghost and John’s new multimedia ensemble work; a cross-continental collaboration project, an immersive interactive event and a gentle outcry of urgency towards the social, environmental and political instability of our times.   The project is sparked by the ongoing fight for freedom and basic human rights in Ghost and John’s home city, Hong Kong. Through mobile interactive technology and the display of our bodies and each other's, we transform ourselves into an exhibit in the space. With digital technology, we invite the audience to get up close and investigate the happenings in our world. The work is constantly negotiating.

about the artist

Hongkongese contemporary art duo from computer science and biology research background. They investigate the reception of art and the involvement of digital interactivity as a discourse into discussing the social and political implication in art. They are recently creating around the topics including liminality, global crisis and more, encompasses the realms of live performance, sound technology, photography and videography. “Highly engaged, emerging artist, whose creations are formally and content wise, cutting edge, examine amongst others other changing relationship with communication technology and also addressing some of the current political issues.”  - Dr. Guy Cools, renowned Dance Dramaturg, Belgium

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stage dimensions

width: 20 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 13 metres

•Get in requirement – 2 day before performance
• Running time – 75 minutes
• Travelling company – 13-15 on the road
• Minimum performance area - 24m x 12m
• Must black out
• Suitable for mid-to-large-scale black box theatres, galleries or other spaces
• Adaptable for alternative spaces, such as warehouse and factories sites
• Light touring with small freight
• Accompanying workshops and sharing sessions available

Audience members who are interested in digital technology, interactive events, new theatre formats, geopolitics, protest art and more.

“An important piece of work that needs to be seen.”

Jane Chan, British-Hongkongese dance artist, London Correspondent for dance journal, Mentor for Art

“‘Meniscus’ is a provocative production which hits you in places a proscenium arch theatre cannot.”

Katie Hagan, Dance Art Journal

“Ambitious but meticulously-curated performance that successfully creates an immersive space for audiences to experience the political instability in Hong Kong”

Audience Member

At certain parts, audience members are required to have a smartphone to participate fully.

Accompanying workshops and sharing sessions available.

Fees shall be in reference to ITC rates of pay: