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Birthing the Earth: Tales of the Mother Goddess

by The Travelling Talesman

spoken-word-and-live-literature, theatre

Immerse in the rich tapestry of Mother Earth's tales, where resilience, justice, and the cycle of life intertwine

about the production

A Universal archetype: the fecund goddess who makes the flowers grow, but Mother Earth is so much more than a floral spring bouquet as she fights against patriarchal oppression, brings reward to the diligent, punishment to the greedy, presides over death as well as life, and invents the sickle In this carefully curated selection of myths and folktales energetically re-told by a master storyteller. From the enigmatic to the profoundly touching, and even the uproariously bawdy, this theatrical experience promises a captivating exploration like no other. As you watch, be prepared to be swept away on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing moments

about the artist

The Travelling Talesman is a dynamic storyteller who enchants audiences with myths, legends, and folktales from around the world. With energetic performances and meticulous research, he brings characters to life in settings ranging from intimate gatherings to grand festivals. Cliff’s storytelling prowess, combined with his diverse background in music and sound engineering, makes him a captivating performer and workshop leader, inspiring audiences of all ages with his passion for storytelling and creativity.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 0 metres

depth: 1 metre

Stage or performing area end on or thrust layout, warm soft stage lights, house lights partly up. Performed unplugged or a headset radio mic if amplification is required.

This show appeals to adults and young people 16+ who have an interest in the earth, environmental issues, folklore, history and traditional ideas applied to modern dilemmas.

'Birthing the Earth kept our audience spellbound this evening - Cliff's engaging, interactive performance once again delivered a fantastic event! The musical intro had the entire room entranced - what a beautiful, well researched, stunning show!'

Bunker178 Events, Southampton

Cliff is a seasoned and interactive performer whose shows provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Audience members are invited to respond and banter with him during the show, and will be able to leave the auditorium if they need to do so at any point in the performance. The expressive and physical nature of Cliff’s performances make him especially accessible to those with auditory processing difficulties, or for those for whom English is not a first language.

Workshop offer

£350 + travel and accommodation, 15% booking agent fee - negotiable