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Mr Sleepybum

by Brizzle Productions

comedy, children-and-family

A high-energy, interactive, multi-award-nominated, critically acclaimed comedy show for the whole family.

about the production

Do you have silly and strange dreams at night? Well, Mr. Sleepybum does, and he’s going to re-enact them all for you in this high-energy, interactive, kids’ comedy show for the whole famiy. Mr Sleepybum awakes in his bed to find a room full of parents and children. A circus of silly sketches and dream scenes ensues, from swimming with Sharks to solving the mystery of a stolen chocolate cake to dodging balls in the guise of the Cowboy Ball-Dodger. Mr Sleepybum’s imagination is limitless. ★★★★ ‘Kids are left screeching with glee' THE LIST

about the artist

Jody Kamali is a high-energy character comedian and Actor. With a background in contemporary clowning, he is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe, having written and performed fourteen solo shows over the past fifteen years. Jody has worked with veteran Lord of the Rings actor Bernard Hill in the film 'Golden Years' and with Harry Hill in various projects.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

We require 1 x tech op free of charge.
Indoor only.
The show is very easy to operate.
SFX - 9 X sound cues (run from Qlab). Qlab file can be emailed or
operated from the companys MACBOOK.
Wireless Head mic - company will supply.
LX (minimum) - pre - show blue lighting cue to create a night time
mood. The show consists of seven dreams. An etheral fade in and fade
out light cue to emulate going from daytime to into the dream. This LX
cue is repeated before every dream sequence. Each dream sketch can
be a general wash.

Family Audiences

'Children are left in stitches seeing their parents dress as frogs or chickens, performing under the haphazard direction of Mr Sleepybum as he describes his dream. It’s obvious why this bouncy and wonderfully hectic show was nominated for Best Kids’ Show at Leicester Comedy Festival this year. '

The List

‘Kids are riotously entertained’

Three Weeks

'Kamali’s connection with his audience is commendable. While kids erupted in bouts of laughter at the side-splitting dream scenes, adults found themselves chuckling at the subtly crafted jokes meant just for us, and gleefully joining in the onstage antics. Managing this dynamic isn’t easy, but Mr Sleepybum does it flawlessly, ensuring everyone has their slice of fun.'