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The Giant Who Slept for Ten Thousand Years

by Bori Mezo

children-and-family, physical-theatre-and-circus

A heartfelt environmental tale for 3+ about our relationship to nature, friendship and the places we call home.

about the production

'The Giant' is a magical story that unfolds from a suitcase. Adapted from a Swedish folk tale, its world is inhabited by shapeshifting giants who transform the land, and powerful trolls who control the sea. Through gentle audience participation, carried by an original soundtrack, skilful puppetry and a handcrafted aesthetic, the audience travels through geological time. The show encourages all to ponder how we, humans, relate to the Earth, where we belong in the vast web of life and how we can feel more connected to one another.

about the artist

Bori is a Hungarian puppeteer based in London. You can often see her puppeteering in shows for the Puppet Theatre Barge or touring the country with String Theatre or Nod at the Fox amongst other companies. In 2017, she co-founded Hopeful Monster, an internationally touring visual theatre troupe whose work is inspired by nature and inspired by science. She recently created her first solo storytelling puppetry show directed by Amy Rose.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

Self-contained and flexible. Can be performed indoors or outdoors.
It needs a flat playing space.
If indoors, lighting can be set to one state throughout.
Sound cues are controlled by the performer.

Families with children aged 3+ (younger siblings welcome)

“This!! Small but perfectly formed - and performed”

Audience member

“What a beautiful show. I was transported far away - a feast for the senses and lots to think about Just beautiful too. Thank you :-)”

Audience member

Such a beautiful and heartfelt story! I was captivated from start to finish... The puppets and sets were gorgeous, so textured and colourful. A wonderful watch!”

Audience member

I'm currently applying for ACE funding to develop an accessible version. It will be a 2-hander performed with a Deaf performer, with integrated BSL-interpretation and creative captioning.

1. Mountain Troll making workshop (30-45min). An additional cost of £60/workshop on top of fee (materials included).
2. Cardboard toy theatre making workshop (1-2hours). An additional cost of £100/workshop on top of fee (materials included).

The fees include travel expenses.
Solo-format show:
£400 for 1 performance.
£500 for 2 performances.
£700 for 3 performances.

2-hander, integrated BSL-interpretation (this version is to-be developed Summer 2024)
£500 for 1 performance
£600 for 2 performances
£800 for 3 performances

The show can be performed outdoors.