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That Girl vs The World

by JLA Productions - The Bridge House Theatre


Who’d have thought that putting on a dress and reading some stories would lead to war on the streets of South London?

about the production

Meet That Girl. If there’s one thing you need to know about That Girl, it’s that she loves books: she loves writing them (Boy Queen, available at all good bookstores), and she loves reading them. One day while getting ready to do just that she found herself in the middle of the new wave of an age old battle. What followed was a media storm like nothing she had ever faced before, a storm that circulated lies, dog whistling and scaremongering in an attempt to ruin her. Based on true events.

about the artist

The Bridge House Theatre is a 50 seat fringe theatre in the leafy South London suburb of Penge. Programmed and managed by JLA Productions we present a year round offering of theatre from visiting companies alongside in-house productions. JLA Productions is the partnership of Joseph Lindoe and Luke Adamson (and, to a lesser extent , Dusty) who have over 20 years of theatre producing experience between them. Since taking over the venue in 2021 we have produced nine in-house shows with seven of them being nominated for awards, we’re now looking to tour two of these shows together.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 3 metres

Sound system to run Qlab sound cues.

Solid back wall to project video onto. (We may be able to tour with a screen but a solid wall is preferable)

ETC Nomad lighting desk to play saved lighting cues as they are integral to the show. There is a chance we'll be able to tour with our own desk.

3 profiles
6 fresnels
8 birdies (could be provided by us)
4 LED Par cans

LGBTQ+, allies, musical theatre fans, drag fans, fans of shows about real events, a younger crowd.

“The effort and skill that has gone into realising the show surely necessitates a life beyond its current run”

The Recs

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a good and full-feeling production in a pub theatre space"


Financially we’re looking for venues that can offer a fee/guarantee or a favourable split but are happy to consider all options.