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by Animikii Theatre Company

theatre, physical-theatre-and-circus

You are invited by the foundling of Nuremberg to witness his live experiment.

about the production

This five strong actor-musician led play with songs is for those that enjoy seeing something a little different. It is an unconventional and experimental devised piece and merges many forms including physical theatre, live music and beautiful haunting folk song. It has moments of audience interaction and direct address adding to the sense of each show being unique and making audiences feel an active part of the plot. The piece has also been created with accessibility as a core consideration including integrated audio description, Previous partners have included Mind The Gap and Totally Inclusive People and the development of the piece has been supported by ACE

about the artist

Animikii Theatre is a Manchester based theatre company making original theatre inspired by existing stories. Animikii was created in 2014 by Adam Davies and Henry McGrath. We make original theatre inspired by existing stories that are fearlessly re-imagined. We create worlds that physically and viscerally take our audiences to the edge of new experiences. Each production differs from the last while retaining Animikii’s essential characteristics: highly visual, intensely visceral, emotionally cathartic.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 7 metres

Ideal playing in Thrust
Ideal size of 6m wide x 7.5m depth

Touring with Stage & Production Manager
All sound produced by actors on stage
Access to LX

Physical Theatre fans. Music fans for the haunting, live dark folk songs performed by the actor-musician cast. Fans of phycological thrillers or gothic/horror genre pieces. Modern ensemble/company - devised theatre fans. Those that enjoy seeing something a little different.

a memorable theatre experience: immersive, innovative and haunting; a wonder to behold. it has been developed, refined and perfected and shines like a jewel. It made the hairs on the back of my neck lift


It’s a big, brave, bold’s a remarkable theatrical experience for which the team are to be commended.


The script was crafted with elegance and creative flair.


Integrated audio description and access to captions via software downloadable on personal devices. If funding is successful we will be able to provide BSL interpretation for a number of limited performances.

We worked with an Access Champion to build the sensorial world of the play, develop touch tours and playday workshops aimed at learning disabled participants in order to give the play a unique point of view from the perspective of those who are at a minority in modern society.

For local performing arts students, local community groups and those wanting to try something new. We can cater our
physical theatre workshops for a range of experiences and backgrounds.
We have a variety of workshops that will introduce participants to the making & devising process, physical theatre and
offer insights into a range of techniques, with fun and imaginative active ways to explore the theatre making practices
used in the creation of the play. We are open to conversations to adapt to include elements specific to an educational
organisations current syllabus or course focus.

£800+ VAT - happy to discuss/negotiate.