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When the World Turns

by Oily Cart

children-and-family, theatre

A sustainable, sensory collaboration between Oily Cart (UK) and Polyglot Theatre (AUS)

about the production

Inside a living, breathing landscape, an adventure is waiting for you. Set from dusk until dawn, listening with all your senses will bring a world of plants, music, scents, sounds and shadows to life. When the World Turns is more than just an accessible experience. It creates an environment that values each young person’s way of being in the world. In this new world, we’re all connected parts of an inclusive ecosystem. It is performed in two different versions: for disabled young people who experience the most barriers to access, and for babies aged 0-12 months.

about the artist

Oily Cart imagines the impossible and rips up the rule book of theatre to make it more accessible. We create highly crafted, interactive, sensory theatre that tours across the UK and internationally. Our performances integrate sounds, smells, touch, light and shadow, close-up choreography, live music and kinaesthetic movement (such as the audience floating in a hydrotherapy pool, or bouncing on a trampoline). We believe that children who have the most barriers to access have the right to experience world class theatre. Our sensory shows are close up, responsive and led by each young audience member.

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stage dimensions

width: 10 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 10 metres

1 full day of get-in
Lighting is contained within the tent
Live plants are an intregal part of the set
1 technician required for get-in, shows and get-out

Disabled young people with the most barriers to access (often labelled as PMLD)
Babies aged 0-12 months

When the World Turns reveals new possibilities for child-led approaches in sensory and participatory performance and this might expand our understanding of the transformative potential of theatre.

The conversation

Space must be wheelchair accessible
A changing space toilet is desired but not essential
A quiet space for the audience is required

Access training for FOH team
Sensory Theatre training for local artists

£1500 - 2 days (5 shows)
£2300 - 3 days (8 shows)
£3000 - 4 days (11 shows)
\33750 - 5 days (15 shows)

A cast members will covid test before each show