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by Emul8 Theatre

theatre, spoken-word-and-live-literature

A journey into the cobwebbed psyche of Miss Havisham and her Great Expectations. The story That Dickens left out... I

about the production

This is the story that Dickens left out. Offering a fresh perspective of Dickens’ greatest work of Gothic characterisation, Havisham invites the audience to recognise the woman behind the monster. HAVISHAM thrusts us into the fractured psyche of Miss Havisham as she is coerced into reliving key traumatic events from her life. The gaslighting and neglect are subtle, but take their toll, as they fuel the rage that transforms her into the most iconic of female Gothic monsters. This original dramatic imagining of Miss Havisham’s young life seeks to expose how unexpressed trauma can lead to devastating consequences. Breath-taking theatre.

about the artist

Emul8 Theatre Company challenges boundaries, seeking to engage the audience in a dialogue around themes of justice, female empowerment, and freedom of expression. We develop fresh ideas and perspectives, offering new writing around current issues, concerns and controversies. We also dramatise and adapt existing iconic texts, making them accessible and relevant to a contemporary audience. Emul8 seeks to interrogate prejudices and stereotypical representations through thought-provoking and innovative text and staging.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 4 metres

Traditional Theatre
• Get in: 3 hours
• Get out 30 minutes
Rural Touring
• Get in: 2 hours
• Get out 30 minutes

Audio files and Cues/music are on Q-Lab We can provide USB and MacBook
For Rural Touring a portable light and sound system is available.
Basic warm interior wash with, ideally, 3 specials.
For Rural Touring a portable light and sound system is available.

12 + recommended
Target Audience:
The show appeals to both fans of Dickens as well as those new to his stories so has a wide reach. The story stands alone and holds universal appeal. May be of particular interest to: GCSE, undergraduate, post graduate students, book clubs, women’s groups, writing and discussion groups as well as theatre, film and appreciation societies.
Community engagement
Could tie in with Mental Health Awareness days, International Women’s Day or Literary festivals/events.

5 Star BROADWAY BABY ★★★★★ ‘Powerful, tense, heart-breaking.’'%20The%20gaslighting%20is%20subtle%2C%20the

5 Star The RECS ★★★★★ “Heather Alexander expertly mines the horror beneath Dickens’ most Gothic character.”

4 Star THE STAGE Paul Vale ★★★★ “gorgeously written and packed with haunting imagery”

Can provide a relaxed performance on request.
£175.00 suggested extra cost - negotiable

Q & A
The audience are invited to explore the real woman behind Dickens’ character and may consider ideas around what might drive or influence vulnerable people to make unhealthy or unsafe choices? In engaging in these ideas, a dialogue can be opened about female representation, societal expectations, exploitation and female empowerment. Issues of self-care, self-esteem and can lead to an awareness of the signs and dangers around issues of coercive control and unhealthy environments/relationships.
1 hour creative writing workshop - £150
2 hour creative writing with acting workshop - £250
1 hour Tea party (tbc)

Performance with Q & A including travel, accommodation and simple programme
£700.00 - £950 (Negotiable)
Discount for longer runs with multiple dates

1 hour creative writing workshop - £150
2 hour creative writing with acting workshop - £250

1 hour Take Tea With Miss Havisham. Discussion required prior to booking

In line with government and venue requirements.