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How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World - with a piano!

by Artisan Creative

music-and-opera, theatre

The interactive, wellbeing, musical, show thingy!

about the production

Mischievous, subversive, fun and fizzing with wisdom, HOW TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE IN AN IMPOSSIBLE WORLD WITH A PIANO! is an invitation to stand back and laugh at a world that is quite clearly bonkers, and take a timeout to realise a better way of dealing with it. Join award-winning psychologist & songwriter Steve Bonham, along with ace composer and musician Chris 'The Bishop' Lydon, for our INTERACTIVE, WELLBEING, MUSICAL SHOW thingy! With humour, storytelling, great songs and gentle audience participation, discover the "Five Rules of the Road" for a better existence. Don't miss this unforgettable experience!

about the artist

We exist to celebrate the extraordinary stories of ordinary folk. We believe in the 'artisan values' of craft, inspiration, authenticity and the love of the raw materials. Artisan Creative was created to provide a platform for developing distinctive recordings, books and performances. Artisan Creative is led by two self-producing artists: Steve Bonham – award-winning psychologist in his own right, now author, musician and vagabond. Christopher Lydon – musician and creative producer, who was performed throughout the UK and Europe.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 2 metres

Self contained, indoors, can work end-on/thrust/cabaret.
We provide our own backline and instruments, and wireless headset mics. We can also provide FOH PA as required (we don't need much, so small PAs are fine).

Aimed at anyone, but teenagers and above (due to some swearing), in particular those interested in wellbeing, mental health, psychology, but also story telling, travel, artisan music.

Very good show

Entertaining and refreshingly different.

Sound practical advice neatly camouflaged with large dollops of silliness.

For additional cost, we can bring captioning to hand held devices for Deaf/hard-of-hearing audience members.

£695 is the buy out fee (including travel/accommodation) but we are open to other deals. (We aren't registered for VAT).

Covid compliant.