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The Witness

by Carbon Theatre and Cultural Projects Ltd.

theatre, dance

His story became History. Her story became Heresy.

about the production

The sacred and profane collide in a new performance by interdisciplinary artist Jo Blake, inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Three copies of the gospel have been found – all of them with missing pages. As the only gospel written in the name of a woman, it reveals Mary as a most formidable and courageous spiritual leader, confidante and companion of Christ.Moving through humour, bold physicality and intricate storytelling; The Witness reveals how one woman’s 2000 year old testimony comes clattering into the life of a contemporary woman, initiating a reckoning and demanding that missing pages be written anew.

about the artist

Performers: Jo Blake and Robert Clark Director: Jo Blake Movement Director: Ben Duke Lead Dramaturg: Lootie Johansen-Bibby Visiting Dramaturg: Sheila Ghelani Collaborative Devisor: Georgia Tillery-Randak Designer: Ruth Stringer Lighting Designer: Adi Currie Sound Designer: Patch Middleton Producer: Courtenay Johnson for Carbon Theatre Production Manager: Fiona Scott Lockyer Stage Manager: Emma Drostby

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 5 metres

Lighting: Design can be sent over in advance, on the day we will focus side lights and the ladder light and input cues into the desk. Can be performing in non-theatre spaces without lighting or with hired lighting.

Sound: PA system or hired speakers.

Set: We have a ladder unit which our SM will need assistance to load in/out and construct/deconstruct. It’s just a case of steadying the ladders as they are bolted into the base unit. The unit needs to be set on a flat, even surface.

Other: warm space, 1/2 dressing room(s) & access to sink.

The performance is a hybrid between storytelling and dance. The focus on the humanity of Mary's story will be relevant to and enjoyed by a wide audience as well as our target audiences:
· contemporary theatre, dance and storytelling audiences
· Christians, Atheists and those interested in religion and/or theology
· Academics, in either drama and theology
· Those interested in Mary Magdalene, of which there is a wide international following
· Women
· Those interested in feminism & women's rights

"a fascinating and enlightening stage work... Jo has truly mastered the art of storytelling"

The Real Chrisparkle

“Jo Blake and Carbon Theatre clearly have the confidence, knowledge and passion to produce provoking theatre to question, prompt and challenge modern society - and isn’t that what art is meant to do?”

Beyond the Curtain

Captioned performance, ready to tour.
Relaxed performance, ready to tour.
Other access measures can be discussed and implemented to suit your audiences. Conversation before mid-October 2023 please.

Short-films screening available of our Hidden Lineages exhibition content.
Gospel Making Workshops: Creative Writing & Papermaking

We are applying to ACE for the tour costs so conversations before October 2023 are needed for us to include the full costs in bid - BO splits & smaller guarantees can be agreed before October 2023 - please get in touch. [Full cost without inclusion in ACE c.£2,000-2,500+VAT]