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by Max Percy + Friends

theatre, physical-theatre-and-circus

A daring one-person physical theatre show about how intergenerational trauma takes shape in the modern Filipino.

about the production

Baklâ: noun, Tagalog. 1) homosexual; 2) unable to reproduce; 3) F*ggot. Homonhon Island, 1521. The start of 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, sparking a genocide across the islands now known as the Philippines. The loss of an ancestral homeland sends ripples through time, emitting a cultural amnesia. But is sex the best cure for a headache? Expect dishonesty, toxic coping mechanisms, and the trials of self-liberation. Looking for a wild and sexy time? A daring one-person physical theatre show about how intergenerational trauma takes shape in the modern Filipino... Winner Best Show - Asian Arts Awards & Fringe Society2023

about the artist

I am a multidisciplinary artist experimenting with risk, activism and theatrical form. Since the founding of my company Max Percy + Friends, my mission has been to creating cutting edge avant-garde performance that centre the Asian experience. We create bold and innovative approaches to tell captivating stories and humanise complex social issues. We are passionate about human rights and influencing positive social change. Previous work includes This is Not a Show About Hong Kong (Untapped Award Winner & Fringe First Award Winner).

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 6 metres

depth: 4 metres

Stage Requirements
Anchorpoint for Aerial work desirable
Working Load Limit (WLL): 350kg*
Use of one chair

Technical Requirements
PA access (Standard Jack Cable)
Microphone & Stand x 1
Projector 6000 lumens minimum
Projector Screen
LED Lighting and colour grading preferable

Provided by the company:
Computer w/ CueLab
All props
A collapsible stage flat

We identify our audience for Baklâ as the following:

LGBTQ+ and allies
East/South East Asian
First or second hand experience of addiction
Interest in niche and experimental work with a desire for novelty
See the arts as exciting and allows for them to think differently about life
Demanding but rewarding professions
Wide variety of interests outside the arts
Confident in their own knowledge and tastes
Confident in using technology
20 - 35 Years Old

Baklâ has a way of keeping you in its dark, suggestive embrace long after the curtains have fallen. This is a groundbreaking piece that is sure to provoke thought.

[Percy sets up] a power dynamic that crackles throughout the rest of this devilishly smart physical theatre piece...The audience is treated variously as co-conspirators, voyeurs, clients and finally something close to oppressors...The floor is slippery by the end but Percy’s grip on his material couldn’t be firmer.

The scale of Baklâ‘s ambition is breathtaking and it is nothing short of a triumph that Max Percy draws all these diverse elements together to make a devastating whole... Max Percy is indisputably a bold, inventive and deeply-intelligent theatre creator with a unique perspective that deserves your attention. Exploring huge topics such as sexuality, religion, history in a way that is emotionally engaging, warm spirited and thought provoking, Baklâ will leave your brain spinning and your heart pumping.

BSL and Audio description available as requested. This will require at least 1 weeks notice.
Relaxed performances are available, with adjustments to lighting and loud sounds.

Introduction to Butoh Dance, +12, £60. 3 hours.
Decolonising Dramaturgy/Art Activism, +16, £40 2 hour.
Devising + Physical Theatre Workshop, +16 Full Day, £150.
Filipino Food Stall - To be discussed