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by Emul8 Theatre

theatre, spoken-word-and-live-literature

There is no gate, no bolt, no lock that you can place upon the freedom of a woman's mind. Best Female Actor Award - ROOM Buxton Fringe 2023

about the production

Virginia Woolf lives! Why was Woolf refused entry to the library and pushed off the grass at Oxbridge? Who was Shakespeare’s Sister? Why is Woolf still a featuring in movies and why are bookshops still stocking and selling out of so many of her works? Find answers and discover why she is still taught in schools and universities today. Join us in the ROOM and see for yourself why her ideas are still so relevant today. Be part of the inspirational journey behind Woolf’s iconic lectures - A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN – one woman’s vision ahead of her time.

about the artist

Emul8 Theatre Company challenges boundaries, seeking to engage the audience in a dialogue around themes of justice, female empowerment, and freedom of expression. We develop fresh ideas and perspectives, offering new writing around current issues, concerns and controversies. We also dramatise and adapt existing iconic texts, making them accessible and relevant to a contemporary audience. Emul8 seeks to interrogate prejudices and stereotypical representations through thought-provoking and innovative text and staging.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 3 metres

PA and simple lighting. If available 2 x specials and warm wash. Sound cues on usb. Company macbook available.

suggested age 12+
Recommendation only. No challenging language or trigger warnings.

Alexander, as Room’s writer, delivers a linguistic treat. The language is a joy to hear. And, whilst potentially at odds with how moral and financial poverty has impeded women, it is both amusing and snappily paced. As a performer, Alexander, is a delight to watch. Her assured performance is pitch perfect and her nuanced vocal delivery brings the rich language to life.


Alexander draws Woolf’s own threads necessarily tighter than even Woolf can.This is an exquisite performance, with equally exquisite use of props, a surprising amount of which are used to effect and point throughout. And there’s a few shocks Woolf might not have contemplated. As a condensation and enactment of Woolf’s seminal text this can’t be improved on. The outstanding one-person show I’ve seen this Fringe.


A beautiful portrayal by an accomplished actor at the top of her game.

British Theatre Guide

A short workshop can be included with the show which provides some simple and fun techniques that will encourage participants to explore their own ideas and try out some ‘stream of consciousness’ writing of their own. We aim to encourage a relaxed, creative atmosphere, within a safe space, that will facilitate the opportunity for participants to explore and express their ideas in a supportive, non-competitive environment. We strive to cultivate a new (renewed) interest in the possibilities of self-expression through journaling, expressive writing thus empowering the individual to explore their thoughts and feelings and thus fostering well-being and creative satisfaction.

Negotiable. £550 - £750.00 per show depending on no of shows in run, distance etc. Box office splits considered.

Venue stipulations adhered to