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Super Connected LIVE

by Tim Arnold


A one-man show of theatre, film and music, in a funny, ominous and heartrending critique of tech; a rock record doubling as a stage musical.

about the production

Originating at London’s Roundhouse in 2023, ‘Super Connected LIVE’ is currently taking bookings for 2023/24. An innovative fusion of film, live music, and theatre about the existential ticking time bomb of social media, and its impact on our mental health. When the film rolls, only a few feet away from the audience, critically acclaimed indie rock artist Tim Arnold performs the film's soundtrack live, with the scale of Radiohead and panache of Bowie. Full of wit, wisdom, passion, and terror, the show chronicles one family’s encounter with addictions to technology, with Arnold acting on stage and on screen simultaneously.

about the artist

Tim Arnold is a singer, songwriter, filmmaker, actor, composer, and activist (and founder of Save Soho along with Stephen Fry). Arnold's work spans multiple genres and mediums, advocating for social justice, diversity, and equality. Known for his ambitious projects that draw communities together, SUPER CONNECTED, his latest critically acclaimed album and film, explores the clash between humanity and technology.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 4 metres

The venue will provide a full range sound system, max sound of 105 dBA throughout the audience area, without distortion/limiting.

Front of House Mix Requirements


24 input analog mixing console
8 x ch compression
1x digital reverb/digital delay
(Film playback system below)


24 input digital mixing console, dynamics processing on inputs, minimum of 3 fx engines capable of reverb/delay.

The mix position should be in a representative position in the audience area, within coverage area of the FOH speakers.

Monitor Requirements

2x bi-amped wedge monitors


The film will be provided in .MOV format

This will appeal to film fans of science fiction; dystopia, futurism, and dark satire. As well as music fans of Radiohead, Kate Bush, and David Bowie.

This two-hour experience is ideal for small-scale theatres and cinemas, has minimum tech requirements, can adapt to any space and would be suitable for age 15+.

"A rock opera about the way technology has taken over our lives. There are shares of Bowie to the urgent melodrama while Stephen Fry pops up on a fake commercial. This is worth your attention"

The Times

"The music - a riveting, instantly catchy mélange of pop, rock, prog, electronica and singer songwriter balladry would have made for a terrific gig on its own, but in combination with the film, the event was remarkably poignant, funny, ominous and heartrending. Those of us who were lucky enough to see and hear it on it's maiden voyage, came away changed."

Rock n Reel

"Ambition, Rock ‘n’ Roll and profound commentary on humanity"

The Stage