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comedy, live-art

ELOINA hangs beef-steaks from her labia in a riotous rebellion agains labiaplasty. Guess what happens next…

about the production

HIGH STEAKS is a 'raucous, comedic', five star (Fringebiscuit) show about labia, labia-shaming, cosmetic surgery & fundamentally, body lovin'. ELOINA hangs two beef steaks from her labia, butchers them up & sizzles them on a grill. And...her mum is in the show. Seamlessly melding performance art and comedy clowning, HIGH STEAKS discusses rising demands in young people for labiaplasty - plastic surgery to make the labia smaller/more symmetrical. Through live conversations with her mum and recorded interviews with labia-owners, HIGH STEAKS is a call for increased visibility of varied vulvas and a celebration of our vulvas in all their shapes & sizes.

about the artist

ELOINA makes work that dismantles taboos around the female body. She mixes epic, body-based performance art and quick, comedy clowning. This makes her work accessibly impactful at both extremes and the in-betweens of the art world. Since graduating from the innovative Drama degree at Queen Mary University of London in 2018, her solo practice has spread across London, opening conversations about menstruation, body hair, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, female masturbation and ejaculation, motherhood and breastfeeding. ELOINA’s show, HIGH STEAKS has received only 5 star reviews, been nominated for an OFFIE award & has won the Summerhall Award.

loading calendars

stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 6 metres


PA system
Depending on size & acoustics of space, 2 x shotgun mics

2 X profiles (zoom)
Two floor 650w fresnels

Live flames on stage (three candles in a candelabra)
I hang raw meat from me & cook it on a grill in the space
I cut the raw meat & make a sauce using knives & other sharp kitchenware
My mum is in half of the show so will need a seat on the front row
This show is performed fully nude

Mothers and their adult, vulva-owning children
Audiences interested in challenging, powerful work – audiences from venues like CPT, BAC, LADA.
Audiences interested in alternative comedy & clowning
Audiences of experimental theatre/live art/contemporary performance
Audiences interested in feminism, gender, body diversity

"Eloina’s High Steaks is labialicious, a must-see, taboo-busting, funny exploration of issues around, well, the labia." "Eloina provides a space to explore the labia, and issues a rallying cry for parents, friends and everyone to be more accepting and nicer to each other."

"Visceral & biting, ELOINA's food-filled performance art calls for a rejection of labia-shamming & the act of labiaplasty. Raucous comedic moments balanced by poignant verbatim stories & ingenious interactivity promote radical inclusion & empowerment for all."

"If you like your body positivity served up with herbs on a hot plate and your natural bits to be discussed without any reticence, this is the show for you." While High Steaks has a serious purpose, Eloina is also fond of clowning and making the audience feel comfortable. She is a charismatic and funny performer, totally at home with her body.

Access pack provided before
Relaxed performances available
Hopefully this show will be captioned soon


If agreed with the venue, there will be a small exhibition in the foyer/bar area from the artist, Lydia Reeves, the founder of the vulva diversity project.

space in foyer/bar
small table to set up lydia's book & two vulva casts
if possible, a monitor + playback laptop to screen LYDIA'S vulva diversity documentation
if available, headphones for the documentary

potential for POST-SHOW Q&A's (TBD WITH VENUES)

£750 + travel + accommodation
- happy to have an open conversation about what your needs are too

Audience members are 1m away from the performer the whole time.

All cast & crew will follow Covid guidelines at the time & in the country of the show strictly.

All cast & crew will test before the show. If a positive result, the show will be cancelled in line with the venue’s policies