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by Jack Dean & Company

music-and-opera, theatre

A gig theatre epic about Britain's forgotten revolution.

about the production

A raucous rebellious gig theatre show about a forgotten part of British history. Jeremiah tells the incredible true story of the much-misunderstood Luddite rebellion. Through rap, song, and live music the story is told through the lens of the life of Jeremiah Brandreth, the instigator of the Luddites’ final stand, and the last man in British history to be beheaded by axe for High Treason.

about the artist

Jack Dean & Company a non-profit organisation set up to help tell stories of how things could be. We collaborate with inspiring and exceptional artists to create new work across many artforms. Founded by Jack Dean in 2020, we are committed to offering people across the UK the chance to dream of a different world, whatever the current one may hold.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 4 metres

The show can be adapted to suit a range of spaces, but has been especially created for studio theatres and music venues. A full tech spec is available upon request.

fans of spoken word and performance poetry
fans of hip hop
fans of contemporary arts
fans of political theatre
fans of history

“Rap meets British history with comedy and heart”

Audience comment

“Story of a rebel – one we should all know – told in the best way"

Audience comment

“A different kind of theatre that teaches an important part of our history”

Audience comment

The show makes use of Creative Captioning to enable access for D/deaf audiences.

Guarantee required, contact to negotiate.