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by All Things Considered Theatre

cabaret, theatre

Oi! You! Yes, You! This ship is setting sail and needs you aboard! We can’t guarantee a safe journey as we are on the old sea of misogyny!

about the production

Unsolicited follows the story of 4 women sailing the sea of misogyny; battling their own internalised misogyny and fighting to save our sisters. It explores their lives as women. It’s about their unsafe spaces, fears, approaches, harassment, and the responsibility of men. It showcases an understanding of what it really means to be an ally to women, to encourage men to step up and step in. It's a celebration of us as women, those who have fallen and those yet to come, our fight and our frustrations. Will it be lairy? Yes. Will it be ladylike? Hell no!

about the artist

Since we, Emma and Sarah, started in 2013, All Things Considered, have been creating socially engaged theatre that encourages honest and pertinent conversations between people through intimate, participatory, and immersive performances. At All Things Considered Theatre, we make theatre that invites you in and looks after you while you are there. We are gathering momentum as one of the leading socially engaged theatre companies in the North bringing unique, thought-provoking and always playful approaches to verbatim work. Much of our work is verbatim because we love chatting to people and discovering their funny, moving, and unique stories.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

Get In time- 4 hours
Technical requirements- Lights, sound, hand held mics and mic stand

18+, Unsolicited is primarily aimed at women and men who consider themselves to be allies.

As the show tells us, the Sea of Misogyny is vast, and All Things Considered make a valiant effort to cover all areas. There are biting sketches about male gaze and internalised misogyny, cutting commentary on how women are told to stay safe (at a moment of danger the automated message on the help line reels off the empty guidance to flag down a bus), talking vulvas, perfume advert parodies which highlight misogynoir, mansplaining fish and a sketch about hysteria that culminates in one of the evening’s most unsettling moments... Unsolicited will hopefully have the opportunity to light more fires

North West End

I came to see Unsolicited last night with a few of my friends and can I just say thank you? What you're doing is so important and necessary, and I'm hoping it changed a few men's minds in the audience. The acts were amazing, had such good stage presence and were SO FUNNY!! I also cried so much, but felt like all the women bonded over their tears and anger, and I felt strong in my vulnerability.

Unsolicited Audience Member

The play made me think of my conduct towards women I've always had this code that I've never been physically abusive towards women so I'm sound. However, over the years, I've made some off-the-cuff marks which I classed as banter and it wasn't- I get that. When that lady was reading her experiences at the end I felt embarrassed which in turn is how I've made women feel with my thoughtless comments. I thought the play was fantastic and I learnt a lot regarding my conduct moving forward.

Unsolicited Audience Member

Preferred guaranteed fee of £900, however we are open to a further conversation about this.