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American Wilderness Odyssey

by Artisan Creative

theatre, music-and-opera

Join these adventurers on an incredible renegade Americana journey, searching for the moonshine, myth & madness of the American Wilderness.

about the production

Embark on an adventure with these intrepid explorers journeying into the heart of the American Wilderness, in search of moonshine, myth, and madness. Experience an unforgettable evening of stories and songs that bring to life the extraordinary lives of ordinary people, both real and imagined. Written from the gritty, first-hand experiences of month-long treks and road trips along the backwoods and byways of the southern states, Steve Bonham and The Long Road will transport you to another time and place. So come along for the ride and let us share the magic of the American Wilderness with you.

about the artist

Celebrate the extraordinary stories of ordinary folk with us. At Artisan Creative, we embody the values of craftsmanship, inspiration, authenticity, and a genuine love for raw materials. We believe that true beauty lies in the details, and we're committed to bringing those details to life through our distinctive recordings, books, and performances. Join us on a journey of discovery and let us help you share in the stories of the world. Experience the art of storytelling with Artisan Creative.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 2 metres

Indoors; on stage or on floor is fine; end on, thrust or cabaret all work.
We tour with our sound gear and lights, as needed.

Fans of acoustic music and storytelling
o folk, roots, country, rock, Americana, blues and jazz
We call our approach Artisan Music, binding all these genres
o The idea of authenticity, artistry, connection to the source materials and inspiration
o Original, handcrafted songs and stories
Age range 14+

“Ambitious, hypnotic, brooding, infused with sadness and joy, capturing the panorama of its physical and emotional canvas ... irresistible.”

Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine

"American Wilderness Odyssey performed at Salford Arts Theatre in September and what a joy it was! The warmth and easy-going storytelling, coupled with the fabulous guitars and piano, really carried me along in the journey. It was like travelling with old friends. Our audience loved spending time ‘on the road’ with The Long Road."

Roni Ellis

“Make no mistake about it! Steve Bonham and The Long Road are a British band, but their interpretation of American styles is tantamount to anything their transatlantic brethren have released in recent years.”

Indie Source Radio

Performance is suitable for blind audience members, as it is primarily audio-based show.

£795 is the buy out rate (which is inclusive of travel/accommodation). We are happy to negotiate other deals (fee vs box office etc.).
We are not VAT registered.

We don't need anything specific for Covid-19 requirements.