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Magical Cabaret

by The Great Baldini

comedy, cabaret

The Great Baldini (emperor of illusion, prince of prestidigitation, maharajah of mystery) presents an evening of magic in cabaret.

about the production

'MAGICAL CABERET' combines the Great Baldini's two fifty minute shows (“SHOWMAN ” and “ILLUSIONATI”) into a two hour show (including a 20 minute interval). Legendary magician, the Great Baldini (‘Emperor of Illusion’, ‘Prince of Prestidigitation’, and ‘Maharajah of Mystery’) presents a cabaret of magical illusions – from his first illusion on his twelfth birthday and culminating in his seizing control of the ILLUSIONATI – a shadowy group of elite Magicians who control the world through the Magical dark arts. Imagine Tommy Cooper meets Blofeld.

about the artist

The Great Baldini (‘Emperor of Illusion’, ‘Prince of Prestidigitation’, and ‘Maharajah of Mystery’) is a magical legend, a music hall relict and an old school theatrical performer. Baldini is a Magic Circle member and award-winning member of Bristol Society of Magic, Wessex Magical Association, Bath Circle of Magicians and the Bristol Society of Magic.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

Self contained

Families, Retirees, Magic enthusiasts


Front Row, BBC Radio 4

“Wonderful, a joy”

Pick of the Week, BBC Radio 4

“Charming, engaging and charismatic. A pleasure.”


£850 per performance
VAT not applicable
Publicity (posters and leaflets) included