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Kickmouse Mysterium

by Jon Hicks

theatre, children-and-family

Buster Keaton meets Heath Robinson, Kung Fu Panda & the Sorcerer’s Apprentice; a silent, comedy fable about perseverance & achievement.

about the production

Jon, the chaotic student of Frank the Dog, breaks a precious artefact and has to redeem himself through a series of challenges and games. Set in a ‘home-made’ world full of cardboard contraptions, illusions and mystifying objects. Jon is hampered by the sinister Cyprian Londt. A stylish, funny, challenging ,yet accessible, show set to a soundtrack of music and sound effects.

about the artist

Creating innovative, playful, funny, visual arresting and stylish shows, which encourage physicality, inquisitiveness and acceptance of diverse ways of being Since 2000 Jon has worked solo and in collaborations, creating performances for indoors and outdoors. Predominantly with a deadpan silent comedy character, honed over the years, utilising sound effects, magic, illusions, contraptions and custom made props. Most recently consolidating his work with regular collaborator Matt Rudkin, recently touring together with ACE funded outdoors show The Visionary

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 7 metres

Children (age 3-11) and their adults.
Primary school children key stage 1 & 2.

A show that spans age groups and entertains all! Comedy at its best and highly recommended. Definitely a show with a lasting impression

Carole Hornsby, Head Teacher - Brooklands Primary School


The Stage

Jon Hicks, the mime, brought Harpo Marx beautifully to the 21st Century

Broadway Baby

The production has only 2 lines of spoken words
The following is available on request:
Relaxed performances with adapted lighting and sound.
Audio description

We offer 2 different workshops for children age 7 to 11 :
1] physical clowning
2] creation of simple chain reaction machines
Happy to do post-show Q&A

£900 for one day
additional costs for workshops
Additional costs for travel/accommodation if beyond certain distance
Always happy discuss door splits and negotiate, especially for more than 1 day