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by Ella Dorman-Gajic, Maddy Corner & ELMA Productions


A young woman attempts to find her place in a world she never asked to be part of

about the production

Jana is on the cusp of adulthood; she’s started dating her first boyfriend and is getting ready to leave war-torn hometown, to provide for her family. But when she wakes up in a basement, it is clear that life doesn’t always follow the plans we make for it. Fusing projection, design and visceral soundscapes, this captivating three-hander plunges us into "murky and perilous world”. Artistically integrated captions make this play accessible for d/Deaf audiences and native Serbo-Croat speakers. TRADE is a **** "thought-provoking and purpose-driven play" by Ella Dorman-Gajic, that sold-out at Omnibus Theatre in February 2022 (VAULT Transfer Season).

about the artist

Ella Dorman-Gajic is a playwright, performer & poet of Serbian and Austrian heritage. Her writing has been described as “impassioned” by The Guardian. Her theatrical work has been staged at Camden People’s Theatre, The Arcola, The Old Red Lion & Omnibus Theatre. TRADE was shortlisted for the Snoo Wilson Prize & SLAM Soups New Writing Competition (from 1.5K+ entries). Maddy Corner is a director from South-London. Credits: Do You See Me? (AD to Kane Husbands), This Restless House (AD to Owen Horsely), ROAD (Ad to Michelle Chadwick), SHE. (Director, EdinburghFringe), Mother [singular] (Director, Platform Southwark). Togehter, they make ELMAProductions.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

SET: Back wall made out of cardboard boxes, hung from the ceiling (all flambared) W: 7.5M H: 3M
Retractable bed, needs to be attached to the floor
4 x large wooden blocks
PROJECTIONS: Detailed projection mapping. Previously used 2 projectors to fill back wall - these will be uniquely mapped to each space. Captions will be on ALL shows.
SOUND: Need a minimum of SL & SR speakers and 1 small onstage speaker.
TECH TEAM: 5 people, including 2 x operators (DSM & Caption Operator)

Diaspora of Balkan heritage, d/Deaf audiences, those interested in feminism and human rights.

"Complex, challenging, and more than a little surprising. Trade plunges the audience in a murky and perilous world.”


“A thought-provoking and purpose-driven play portraying the traditionally victimised protagonist in a more realistic light, making her relevant and sympathetic ”


"Engrossing, important, hard-hitting and impactful… Certainly one to watch."


All shows are creatively captioned in English and Serbian.

We offer workshops and post-show discussions alongside our performances. We have run acclaimed workshops on ‘Creating Dramatic Worlds’, suitable for writers, directors and theatre-makers and anyone with an interest in exploring their creativity.
Workshop fee: £350
Post show discussion fee: £150
Workshops can be tailored to your venue, to perfectly suit your audience and participation groups.

£1000 gaurantee. Open to Box Office splits, get in touch to discuss.