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Friendly Ever After

by NosThree

physical-theatre-and-circus, children-and-family

FRIENDLY EVER AFTER is a lovely story of two clowns trying to find true friendship.

about the production

FRIENDLY EVER AFTER – is a touching story of two young characters trying to find true friendship. When fate unites them, they realise that cultivating a new friendship is not an easy job, particularly at this early stage of their lives. They discover together the beauty of friendship and the need to respect, help and understand one’s friend. Between the many jokes, arguments, disputes and amusing moments, they discover with the help of the young audience that friendship can be deeper and more rewarding if they simply start to act with genuine kindness, tolerance and empathy with one another.

about the artist

NOS Three is a collective of three Brazilian artists that have decided to collaborate creating new authentic work. Our interests and goals are all focused on the research of the playful, comic and black comedic. The core technique used is clowning to subvert the logic and redefine the day-by-day routine. Our projects mainly involve original shows devised by the group, but it also includes interpretations of great classical works.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 4 metres

This performance can be done without lighting in venues with limited technical capacity. We can also bring our own P.A system but would require a plug socket for the speaker and laptop, from which we operate the sound cues. For conventional theatre spaces a full tech rider will be presented in advance of the tour date.

Please let us know if your space is smaller than our stated measurements as we may be able to adapt to fit.

- Families with children aged 5+, but littler ones will also gain from the performance
- Teachers and Primary Schools wanted to discuss the topic of friendship with their pupils
- People that enjoy physical theatre
- People that enjoy clowning
- People that enjoy interactive theatre
- The show is inclusive using non verbal communication, therefore anyone with hearing impairment will gain from it
- A post show talk and workshop can be arranged to discuss friendship and learn the techniques used in the show

“Such an imaginative show! The children were totally absorbed and laughed throughout. The theme of friendship was very useful to trigger conversations about the play in the classroom”

Teacher at Stokes Park School, Bristol

“I thought the show was amazing. The children were completely absorbed in the characters and the stories they were telling. I couldn't help but laugh out loud along with the children. A big thumbs up from me!”

Parent from the audience

“Pure enchantment. The children were enthralled, and adults spent the whole time chortling! My favourite show of the Fringe!”

Paul Lawless, performer and facilitator

The show is inclusive using non verbal communication, therefore anyone with hearing impairment will gain from it.
The two performers have extensive work experience with adults and children with learning disabilities, enabling on stage adaptation to suit the audiences needs.
Able and non able-bodied will be able to engage with this show

We can deliver a 1 to 2 hours workshop post-show as well as a post-show talk. The workshop will include techniques used within the show: physical theatre, clowning, and pre-expressive. We can also offer workshop to schools and community centres near the venue. For costs see financial deal tab.

£650 for a single performance
£350 for an additional performance at the same venue and same or consecutive days
inclusive of posters, leaflets & travel

If applicable the company can provide a risk assessment.