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by Nina Telegina

comedy, spoken-word-and-live-literature

Famous women you've never heard of.

about the production

If you did something extraordinary, would you be remembered? If you stood up to injustice - and won. Defeated undefeatable empires. Broke every rule of gender, race, and class. Established your own culture or shadow government. Became famous beyond your wildest dreams. Would history remember you? For many extraordinary women, the answer is no. Presenting Renegades: famous women you’ve never heard of. A solo show by award winning poet and theatre maker Nina Telegina, which brings you a history more exciting than fiction. In their day, they were famous. Now they are forgotten. It’s time to bring their memory back.

about the artist

Nina Telegina is a poet, writer and theatre-maker with over 10 years international experience in performing arts. Nina is a multiple slam winner, including the Kent Championship Slam. Her debut poetry collection Llama On the Loose was published by Whisky & Beards in 2021, and her solo poetry show of the same name toured across Kent in 20218. She has featured in projects commissioned by the Marlowe Theatre and the Philharmonia Orchestra. Her work featured nationally on BBC Sounds as part of The Best of Upload 2020.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres

The show requires little to no set-up. If your venue hosts stand-up comedy nights or live music, then the lighting you already have in place is likely suitable. There are no light changes or sound cues.
The show benefits from 1 chair and 1 table.
In large outdoor spaces, especially where wind is an issue, a headset mic might be essential. This should be discussed in advance.

Adult audience 18+ for strong language, and sensitive topics.
A family-friendly version is also available. (Please discuss in advance if this is what you need).

“A delightfully fun reminder that fiction often pales in comparison to history.”


“A fantastic performance!”

The show has only one cast member, requires no costume changes. The distance between audience and performer should be observed to comply with any Covid measures, should this be required.