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The Last Motel

by Sheepish Productions


Will the hostage alter the armed robber’s perspective on life? ‘A homespun Fargo with more theatrical flair’ ★★★★ Edfringe Review

about the production

The Last Motel is a psychological thriller that sits somewhere between Fargo and Inside No. 9. At first the piece seems to present a classic hostage situation, played out in real time, within an American-style motel room. A masked robber enters, carrying a helpless female bound and unconscious. But things aren’t quite as they seem. The robber is a middle-aged widower in the midst of a mid-life crisis; the hostage is a vicar with radical ideas on over- population and the climate crisis; and the motel isn’t in America – it’s somewhere on the outskirts of Barnsley.

about the artist

Sheepish Productions is a Doncaster-based theatre company that creates new work for touring across the UK. We aim to form an honest emotional connection with our audiences. We address issues that impact, affect and concern all of us and, in doing so, seek to raise awareness, prompt thought and provide comfort. We do this by drawing on personal experiences. Our work is rooted in themes of grief, trauma, mental health and the vulnerability of the human condition. Our work is issue based but we approach them with a dark sense of humour, the desire to question, provoke and surprise.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 3 metres

The set consists of 12 programmed motel style lamps, a small table, chair and bed with a carpet. The playing size can be adapted to fit.

Primary audiences are those who already attend cultural events & are interested in new writing & issue based work (Metroculturals & Experience Seekers AudienceFinder categories). This community represents those we’ve engaged with through previous work, particularly our 2018 tour of Communicate. However, The Last Motel also seeks to connect with more mainstream audiences. This production will present an opportunity for venues to introduce main house audiences to attending events programmed in their second spaces; the approach of utilising a mainstream genre with an issue-based centre is appealing as it makes the work & issues more accessible.

‘A kind of homespun Fargo with more theatrical flair’

Bridley Addison-Child, Edfringe Review

‘The plot has remained bobbling around in my head’

Tom Gellatly, Edfringe Review

'A perfect piece of theatre, more than a hint of Tarantino and Lynch'


To be discussed.

We can offer online writer workshops.

Fee of £700 preferred but happy to consider guarantees against reasonable box office splits.

We have a Covid-19 policy, which includes LFTs every other day.