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The Buccaneers

by AMA Theatre Co.

children-and-family, theatre

A musical, comedy adventure with four hapless pirates as they celebrate coming out of lockdown from Davy Jones' locker

about the production

Four pirates are given a new lease of life and are determined to enjoy life to the full. The reasons they became pirates tells a tale of four individuals who experienced tragic episodes in their lives and came together in solace. In their own way they are more heroic than bad and will always fight injustice. Like us they have been locked down and we can join with them to celebrate living again. The show contains popular folk and drinking songs, sword fights, treasure to find, dance routines and lots of comic situations that they find themselves in.

about the artist

AMA Theatre Co. was formed to create shows and plays that will appeal to audiences of all ages. We strongly believe an audience plays just as much a part in the telling of a story as the actors and so we like to engage them as much as possible. We aim for a lot of visual elements with interesting sets and stage effects. The subject matter is also important as we believe the audience should be able to identify with the characters in the story. We are totally self contained and produce everything in house.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 4 metres

All are shows are produced to be totally self contained and adaptable. For The Buccaneers the minimum stage/floor size would be 4M wide by 4M deep. It would be helpful for a venue technician to operate a basic lighting plot but not essential. Get in times are usually about 2 to 3 hours and get out in about 1.5 hours. Ideally the height of any performance area will be no less than 3M. We tour with our own sound system and head mics as well as basic lighting rig.

General family audiences however, the show is not suitable for young children because there are sword fights and some scenes could be a bit scary for younger children. We have toured an outdoor condensed version to festivals during May and June to gauge the general public's response. We are pleased we have had excellent positive feedback with families wanting and willing to go to their local theatre to see the show.

I liked it! You worked so hard! Love the traditional songs and the fun characters! Bravo and lots of fun!!

David Bradshaw - Cruise Director - Royal Caribbean International Cruises

Hey , I’ve just watched it . So this is so cleverly done . The set is cool . Very clever as well . Favorite scene is the bar where you play all the extras so good . Very clever how you hug each other etc . My favorite song is the one where you sing and you see her pick up McTavish after the battle that’s got a real haunting beauty about it

Kyra J. Willis - Monsteers Artistry (Agent)

We aim to make our shows as accessible as possible for everyone although we don't always have control over the accessibility of venues.

We have an activities package that can accompany the production with a sword fighting workshop, prop making and treasure hunt. These activities can be carried out virtually anywhere including outside. Depending on the length of time required and numbers expected to attend a small extra charge may be required. We always offer personalised quotes to each individual client based on their particular circumstances and budgets

To cover all costs including artist fees, travel, expenses and production costs, the fee for a single show would be in the region of £800 to £1,400 depending on distance. We are totally open to negotiation and to work within given budgets. We are happy to undertake box office splits

The Buccaneers are two separate couples and as such we are able to work together. 2 dressing rooms would be required for each couple. We have a strict policy of ensuring we undertake all government guidelines, such as cleaning equipment etc and to conform with a given venues policy