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Slow Violence

by B Team


A comedy about (attitudes to) climate change

about the production

Slow Violence is an absurd comedy about attitudes towards climate change, set in a travel agency office that is falling apart. The show follows two characters - Claire and Peter - who must navigate the ever changing environment of the office. It's like Fawlty Towers meets The Day After Tomorrow. Commissioned by China Plate, In Good Company, Warwick Arts Centre, Attenborough Arts Centre, Midlands Arts Centre. Supported by Derby Theatre, Big House (ERDF), Camden People’s Theatre, Hawkwood, Strike A Light and The Reckitt Arts Trust. With funding from Arts Council England.

about the artist

B Team are a physical theatre company based in the Midlands who make work about environmental issues. An eco-friendly ethos runs through each layer of how we work, from design and touring to day-to-day production processes. We are supported by In Good Company (the flagship artist development programme for the midlands), Derby Theatre, Attenborough Arts Centre and Big House (ERDF). Our last show, 'The Bee Project', toured nationally to venues including Belgrade Theartre Coventry, Nottingham Playhouse and Vault Festival 2019.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 5 metres

Documents (sent ahead of time):
empty CAD or PDF of rig, how many ways of dimming, a CURRENT lamp stock, weight restrictions per bar, load restrictions per bar, floor to rig height dimensions and full dimensions of space
10x 1k fresnels (or similar)
5 x acclaim fresnels or similar
2 sets of 4x8 black flats or drapes
to create 2 sets of wings to frame
playing area
7x profiles with shutters
Haze machine (with fluid) -
Venue technician for the get-in
and out
Mixing desk with mini-jack to
2 front amps for sound
2x 1.8 metre scaff bars on stands for side light

Fans of comedy- the show has elements of slap stick and is an absurd comedy
Fans of physical theatre- the show uses quirky and stylised movement to tell the story of the office environment
Fans of contemporary/fringe theatre- with elements of new writing and movement, the show has a contemporary style of storytelling
Cross generational audiences- Climate change is the defining issue of our time so the show's subject matter appeals to all ages, particularly
young people aged 14-30 who are the most climate conscious.
The show is set in a relatable office environment and a lot of the humour
is drawn from recognisable office

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Company are happy for the show to be "relaxed" - re-admittance to the show at any point is fine - happy to chat about how we can work with the venue to make the show more accessible

We offer workshops alongside the show if booked for more than one night. Post show discussions offered for all performances.

£800 guarantee per show