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3am Waitress

by RoguePlay Theatre


A courageously energetic piece of dance theatre, tackling grief, depression and isolation.

about the production

A 65 minute high energy dance theatre piece receiving 5 star reviews and sell out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. With an eclectic soundtrack, performance poetry and aerial silk, 3 a.m. Waitress is a haunting road movie soundtrack to loneliness, detachment and the brief moments that bring us back to life. Merging Physical Theatre and Dance with Aerial Circus, all held together by Performance Poetry, the work explores the damage done by solitude, the tenderness of unexpected connections and the and the ultimate peace that comes when we accept the world as it is.

about the artist

RoguePlay is a UK based highly physical theatre company, creating a unique blend of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, contemporary dance, spoken word and physical theatre. Producing work both indoor and out, nationally and internationally, RoguePlay have a 10 year history of small to medium scale touring productions and commissions. RoguePlay manage Birmingham's dedicated Circus Space; West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre, produce the renowned Aerial Festival, TILT and have an impressive history of national touring shows and commissions, working with companies such as Nofit State, Birmingham Hippodrome, Gravity & Levity and Channel 4.

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stage dimensions

width: 8 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 6 metres

Aerial equipment includes an aerial silk. Any structures for aerial work must support a minimum load rating of 1 metric tonne or the show can tour with it's own rig.
The piece involves a scene with ‘rain’, This is facilitated by using a hosepipe and pressure pump system. The system is rigged so there is no excess spread of water and RoguePlay supply appropriate tarpaulin to ensure the water capture is concentrated.

The lighting plan can be adapted dependent on venue size and technical equipment available as necessary.
The soundtrack for the show is one played as one continuous track.

Adults & young adults aged 14+
• Circus, dance and physical theatre enthusiasts
• Colleges and universities
• Poetry audiences
• Community groups

'The finale, featuring a striking aerial silk performance and a single word uttered by the 3am Waitress, leaves me in a charged state of vitality and reverie. I will be thinking about the meaning of that word for some time. ***** ‘

Joanne Harrison: SG Fringe

The distinctive creative tension that shapes Rogueplay's artistic focus, courageously tackles difficult and highly personal themes in 3am Waitress.’

Orit Azaz: Independent Producer

“Aerial silks performance combines physical theatre, dance and spoken word, in a Lynchian road movie of a show inspired by a mental health journey through grief and loneliness.’”

Kate Kavanagh; The Circus Diaries

Script can be provided for BSL interpretation

The show comes with post-show discussions regarding the creation and content of the piece. This is included in the cost of the show booking.

Secondary & college workshops looking at mental health through dance and physical theatre, led by one performer and/or Director are offered at an additional £300 per day

COST OF 1ST DAY: £2166 (€2466)
ADDITIONAL DAYS: £880 per day (€1002)
Costs are EXCLUSIVE of travel and accommodation.