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by Forest Tribe Dance Theatre

children-and-family, physical-theatre-and-circus

Alluriat is a non-verbal dance theatre experience. Using innovative mobile set incorporating holographic effects puppetry and movement.

about the production

Alluriat is a unique dance theatre experience. Using innovative mobile set incorporating holographic effects, projections and digital technology, children can enter an immersive world, interacting with puppets and dancers to reunite two sisters torn apart.

about the artist

Forest Tribe Dance Theatre was established in 2016 by Debbie Bandara to bring innovative live performances to untapped audiences of children including many who may otherwise never see live theatre. By bringing dance theatre out of traditional venues and into libraries and other public spaces and encouraging school groups as well as public audiences from diverse backgrounds, Forest Tribe engages children directly with the arts. Our immersive performances create a unique world in any setting, without compromising on innovative and detailed set, costume, puppetry and technology.

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stage dimensions

width: 8 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 2 metres

The set comprises a semi-tented structure (fire retardant) incorporating
projectors, lighting and effects. The audience are seated on the floor outside the structure (chairs should be available for those requesting them eg parents, teachers/carers. A small table and chair for the technician is requested.

• Children aged 5-11 – invited to join the performers on a journey and
interact with set and effects throughout the piece. They will interact with
the performers non-verbally using movement and dance skills.

"Engaging physical theatre for children. Beautiful and thought-provoking."

British Theatre Guide

"Such intricacy spent in creating a truly holistic sensory experience"

Number 9 Reviews

Non-verbal piece so offer inclusive audience members n/Deaf audiences to take part.

Opportunity to meet and greet actors and puppets after the show.

£800 for 2 shows at one venue guarantee, fee is negotiable and subsidy will be offered to venues wishing to reach out to new audiences.