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Murder, Margaret and Me

by Broad Horizons Theatre Company


a thrilling comedy about Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford

about the production

Agatha Christie is not happy.Miss Marple is about to be brought to life by Britain's foremost comedy actress, Margaret Rutherford.The films are destined to become the most successful franchise of 1960's British cinema.Christie thinks Rutherford isn't suitable to play her favourite character, Margaret doesn't want to sully her reputation with something as sordid as murder.The two form an unlikely friendship over afternoon tea and gossip.Each have secrets to hide, and Agatha turns detective to uncover the hidden tragedy in Rutherford's life. Humour, pathos and sleuthing combine to make this play a must for lovers of crime fiction, secrets and comedy.

about the artist

Broad Horizons are a lively theatre company based in Norfolk run by Judi Daykin and Rhett Davies.Our aim is to produce the best in established and new writing for touring to theatres, arts centres, rural touring schemes, community and educational venues.We have twenty years of touring experience, can work in most indoor spaces, providing our own lights and sound if required.We pride ourselves in providing high-quality shows, that are easy for the host venue to accommodate and which provide an entertaining and thought-provoking evening for their audiences.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 4 metres

Can provide own sound/lights which requires access to power and room to put up lighting stands.Tech spec provided prior to visit for equiped venues.No special lights or effects planned.

Suitable anyone over ten years, but primarily aimed at an older demographic. Lovers of crime fiction, British film history and mysteries. Fans of Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford.

Previously for our Marie Lloyd play: This is a really enjoyable show telling the story of this amazing woman. How often do you get to celebrate a great working-class hero as well as to sit back and join Lloyd in a music hall sing-a-long?

Morning Star

Previously for our Suffragette play: By turns enlightening, harrowing, heart-warming and funny....this excellent fly-on-the-wall look into the lives of the suffragettes proved to be an emotional rollercoaster.

Jersey Evening Post

Previously for our Edith Cavell play: John Mangan’s play has a real sense of momentum and dramatic tension .... Judi Daykin’s performance had a power and authenticity that was genuinely moving

Diss Mercury

Non-participatory, so access to the auditorium at any given venue is the only criteria. Content is non-offensive, but does discuss suicide.

Intially we provide all print matter and inclusion on our Facebook page and website.Promotional video, press release and production photos nearer to performance dates. Experienced in giving interviews to local press and radio stations (usually over the phone).

Box office splits, set fees or a mixture acceptable.Not registered for VAT.