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by The Gramophones Theatre Company

physical-theatre-and-circus, children-and-family

Tarzanna is a playful aerial theatre show for all the family to enjoy. Watch the performers literally climb, jump and swing through the air

about the production

Anna doesn’t like mess, she likes things to be in order but her neat world is turned upside down when she is magically transported to the rainforest. There she discovers wonders she’s never seen before. Wild creatures appear and dance before her as she swings through the jungle of her dreams. When her new home is put in danger, can she become the wild Tarzanna she needs to be in order to save her new found friends?

about the artist

The Gramophones are a playful, all-female theatre company, who use inventive storytelling, physical theatre, clowning, circus and autobiographical work to create accessible theatre with a focus on women’s voices. We have made and toured numerous shows over the last 8 years. “Their work is always inventive, surprising and above all entertaining, each of their shows has the feeling of being a special event, subtly unique and unrepeatable” (Nathan Miller, HATCH)

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stage dimensions

width: 8 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 8 metres

Aerial Requirements
We require a minimum of 3 rigging points 2 with a SWL of 500kg and one with a SWL of 1000kg.
Minimum height of 5m.
There are three pieces of aerial equipment, two ropes and a tippy hoop.
The two ropes are minimum 1.5mm apart and the hoop is about 2 meters away from the second rope all the equipment is in a line. However, we can work to different distances if given the spaces tech spec in advance of rehearsals in Sept 2020.

If you are unsure if your venue is suitable please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss it

aimed at 3-8 year olds and their families

“Tarzanna was wonderful! Just loved how everyone from 9 months to 90 “got it”– beautiful production!”

Audience member Derby Feste

“Such a great intro to circus for little ones. Thank you for inspiring + empowering my 3-year-old female warrior. Perfect timing as alarmingly she was just starting to say boys were strong not girls but not anymore! Totally reprogrammed +empowered! #thisgirlcan”

Audience member Deda

"A real highlight of #InsideOut17 and needs to be seen far and wide #girlpower"

Suba Das, previous associate director at Curve Leicester

Non verbal so accessible to (d) deaf audiences

Workshops on aerial theatre, animal movements etc

Please contact us to discuss deals