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I am Echoborg

by I am Echoborg

theatre, site-specific-and-immersive

A a funny and thought-provoking show that is created afresh each time by the audience in conversation with artificial intelligence.

about the production

I am Echoborg is a funny and thought-provoking show that is created afresh each time by the audience in conversation with artificial intelligence. Each show has a different outcome, depending on how the audience choose to respond and work with (or against) the AI, and comes to a dramatic conclusion based on what it learns from those interactions. It works well in a number of settings, from tech conferences to science museums to traditional theatre venues, and asks questions about our future with AI, as well as revealing how we work together as a group of strangers.

about the artist

I am Echoborg is a collaboration between award-winning participatory dramatist Rik Lander and Conversational Artifical Intelligence pioneer Phil D Hall. Rik has made a series of interactive and participatory installations, web narratives, apps and theatrical experiences since the 1980's, including 2010's The Memory Dealer. Through his company Elzware, Phil has developed chatbots for industries including infotainment, healthcare and education. He is a keen supporter of online community and culture and a champion towards acceptable ethics and privacy in Cyberspace.

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stage dimensions

width: 2 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 2 metres

-Stable internet connection (either strong WiFi signal or ideally ethernet access)
-Space for a 750mm x 1500mm table & 2 chairs
-1 power point
-Audience seating, arranged to facilitate discussion and clear view of interview table
-PA system (optional depending on venue size)
-A small stage and/or spotlights for interview table (optional depending on venue size)

Attractive to a range of audiences, particularly anyone with an interest in technology and the future. Has worked well with audience members aged from early teens to pensioners, from a range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

We may all end up, within our lifetime, dealing with something like this. We better get ready.

Previous audience member

I found it genuinely fascinating. Some of the comments it came out with were really quite profound.

Previous audience member

Not only thought-provoking and clever but entertaining and I laughed a lot more than I expected.

Previous audience member

The interviews can be fully captioned, but discussions among the audience group currently aren't.
There are no issues for wheelchair issues as long as venues are wheelchair accesible.

Co-creators Rik Lander and Phil D Hall can present wraparound talks about the show, technology involved and wider implications of AI, if desired. Costs are dependent on content required.

Conference/Festival Prices
Subsidised conference/festival for under 600 people £1,200
Commercial conference/festival for under 600 people £2,000
Conference/festival for over 600 people £5,000
Multiple short performances for non-commercial conference/festival £5,000
Multiple short performances for commercial conference/festival £12,000

Full Performance Prices:
Under 200 seating capacity £1,200
200-400 seating capacity £2,000
400-600 seating capacity £3,000
1,000+ seating capacity £5,000