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Me, Mum & The Patriarchy

by Buglight Theatre


This one woman performance portrays three generations of Northern women in a moving, hilarious and poignant journey

about the production

Doncaster, 2018. It’s moving day, join Keeley as she packs away her memories into boxes. Come in for a cuppa and give her a hand. As she packs up her plates and boxes up her treasures, she journeys back through her family history. Me, Mum & The Patriarchy is a witty one woman show that looks at the choices we make and explores whether women really can have it all. This one woman performance portrays three generations of Northern women in a moving, hilarious and poignant journey.

about the artist

EXPLORATORY-BOLD-PLAYFUL-COMPASSIONATE We are a theatre company based in Yorkshire making high-quality theatre for audiences across the UK. We also create participation projects in the region and beyond. We love stories and we are passionate about sharing them. We embrace experimentation, collaboration and new ways of working and telling stories. We make work that aims to entertain, provoke conversation and encourage empathy. We are a small company with big ambitions.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 4 metres

Access to lighting desk and to be able to use Cue Lab

Teenagers 14+
Women of all ages
Feminist groups
Men and women who are socially engaged
Would like to target groups who arent as liberal and who it might challenge too. (ie social clubs, working mens clubs etc)

Keeley’s performance is simply impeccable, taking us with her every step of the Keeley’s first professional writing for theatre, the production is mature and well-scripted. The direction by Samantha Robinson is clear and incisive, while the simple set is used to great advantage. A powerful polemic over the male gaze and sexism in our society. (4.5 stars)

‘A fearless performance; Lane is unafraid to shine a light on many issues that are easy to shy away from for fear of making others uncomfortable.’

Me, Mum And The Patriarchy' is a powerful one-woman show which takes the audience on a roller-coaster journey, moving seamlessly between heavy drama and comedy.’

devising theatre workshops
drama therapy
empowering women through theatre

£350 vs split