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Marching On Embers

by Buglight Theatre


A story about how the power of ideas can tear apart the fabric of a country, a community and also a family.

about the production

One family. One cause. Two paths... Sean is struggling to find work and has recently just broken up with his girlfriend. Sinead, his sister, is back home from England. Sean thinks she's changed, she thinks he needs to change. Florie is proud of the two of them but is hiding her own demons. The Connelly's are reunited in this gripping drama. Marching on Embers tells the story of radicalisation, the allure of violence and the toxic power of ideas against the backdrop of a fractured Northern Ireland...

about the artist

EXPLORATORY-BOLD-PLAYFUL-COMPASSIONATE We are a theatre company based in Yorkshire making high-quality theatre for audiences across the UK. We also create participation projects in the region and beyond. We love stories and we are passionate about sharing them. We embrace experimentation, collaboration and new ways of working and telling stories. We make work that aims to entertain, provoke conversation and encourage empathy. We are a small company with big ambitions.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 5 metres

depth: 5 metres

How to book:
If you would like to bring Marching on Embers to your venue please contact Keeley Lane of Buglight Theatre to discuss dates and a financial package. Minimum playing space:
6m x 5m
On the road:
Four performers with touring stage manager/technician.
Running Time:
50 min (first half) 40 min (second half)
Get In:
Minimum four hours. One hour get-out.
Lighting using house desk, dimmers and lanterns. Please advise if any equipment is not available from your spec.
Sound playback through house system via Q Lab.
Use of two venue stage weights. Access to a microwave and kettle for preparation of food used in performance.
Technical staff required- Please

Marching On Embers will particularly appeal to:
• Adults and teenagers who enjoy the entertaining twists and turns of gritty and contemporary tv drama.
• Irish communities within England and audiences in Northern Ireland and Ireland.
• People with an interest in socio-political issues.
• The play has two strong female characters and has a storyline about the female experiences of
political unrest, so this will appeal to women of all ages and those interested in seeing a strong
female story.
• As the piece deals with young people becoming radicalised this will also appeal to younger au-
diences at GCSE and College age as well as community

‘What immediately strikes home about Leeds based Buglight Theatre's new play is that it is per- fectly timed, entirely contemporary’ ‘sincere, compact, and thought-provoking.......cruel and tender’ ‘the play proves that some of the very best drama happens outside London’ ‘O’Connor has definitely got an ear for the honest, crude vernacular. Ruth Carney directs perfectly.’

Yorkshire Post

‘The small cast does an excellent job of executing this text, demonstrating a clearly harmonious relationship between actor and writer, with director Carney completing the creative triangle that al- lows for sublime storytelling on a gorgeously intimate level.’ ‘Marching On Embers is a beautiful piece that tragically portrays the harsh reality that accompa- nies radicalisation.’ ‘If Buglight continue to craft drama and theatre of this calibre, they will undoubtedly continue to speedily ascend as one of Yorkshire's most exciting new companies. I can't wait to see what they do next.’

‘shocking and convincing’ 'The women are particularly strongly characterised, Maggie Hayes powerfully and sympathetically encompassing the many sides of Florie and Christine Clare radiating intelligent open-mindedness, together with conviction and a sense of tradition, as Sinead.' ‘Barrie Calvert (Sean) makes much of the affectionately amusing family scenes.’ ‘Richard Galloway’s (Cathal) humanity is never in doubt, not least in a sweetly played scene with Florie early in the second half.’ ‘Ruth Carney’s unfussy direction and Kevin Jenkins’ imaginative and functional pub-and-kitchen set work well in the intimate setting’

To be discussed on an individual basis with venues. We can offer a bespoke package. WE usually offer a writing workshop or devising workshop and an offer on the ticket price for attending the workshops.

£700 guarantee vs ticket split 70/30