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You Can't Watch This Play

by Something Underground


Improvised Theatre Inspired by the Archetype of The Fool.

about the production

Jonathan Brown takes you on a wildly subversive, newly-discovered-each-performance journey, with live piano score and in-the-moment plunges into worlds you’ve been told “DO NOT EXIST!” (and to keep quiet about them). “ off-kilter wild-man, elemental myths you'll hear around a fire…..hypnotically unpredictable... peering over the dizzying edge of this sad, funny, mad world is... a rush.” The Stage.

about the artist

Founded in 2006. Our work ranges from uncompromising text, character and plot driven plays to our fully improvised work which uses an empty stage, the moment, and whatever beings inhabit the space to create fragile or robust worlds, where mysteries may or may not emerge. Asking the audience to use their imaginations, we use physicality, voice, music and lighting to portray worlds we inhabit. Winners Best New Play 2012, Best Male Performer 2013, Best Female Performer 2014, Best Male performer (nom) 2007, Best New play (shortlist) 2013), Best Female Performer (nom) 2013. (Brighton Fringe)

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 3 metres


14 yrs up.

“Award-winning… performer Jonathan Brown returns…. with an hour of comic mysticism – a trippy ramble through….birth,death and politicians that escalate and topple into each other. Clutching a stick with a fox’s head carved into it, ….part jester, part cabbie….. he’s an off-kilter wild-man, ….. (with) nature-filled musings…… like elemental myths you might hear when huddled around a fire…..hypnotically unpredictable just peering over the dizzying edge of Brown’s sad, funny, mad world is a rush.”

The Stage, 2015.

“Thank you for your show. I loved it… a brilliant piece of story telling. It was great to be part of something intimate …. engaging, moving, challenging, compassionate and funny.—— better than pretty much anything I have seen in the theatre over the last couple of years. Afterwards, I felt that I had been taken on a journey and come back knowing something new – which is just what theatre should be like.”

Andrew Miller, co-director, Wishworks Puppet Theatre Company.

“We are very lucky to have an actor like Jonathan Brown on our doorstep"

Britt Forsberg

All are aimed to be fully wheelchair accessible. Depending on venues. Visit our website "what's on" page for wheelchair and hearing loop facilities information.

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£350 per performance (neg) + travel expenses (car).