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What's the Matter? A physical comedy about physics

by The Last Baguette theatre company

theatre, comedy

A family friendly sci-fi adventure about the atom, suitable for science and comedy enthusiasts.

about the production

"What's the Matter?" is a family friendly sci-fi adventure about the atom, suitable for science and comedy enthusiasts. An unexplained cat theft from a physics laboratory leads scientist Smithy on a journey into the subatomic world. Can he find the cat and win over his colleague Sarah in the process? Featuring scientific slapstick and Schrodinger’s cat. Be prepared for a very silly show about a very intelligent subject. The show has been performed at festivals, theatres and schools throughout the UK, including a sell-out run at the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol and at the British Science Festival.

about the artist

The Last Baguette theatre company makes entertaining, accessible and eccentric work for family audiences. The company was formed from a shared love of theatre, bakery and humour in Paris by graduates of the Philippe Gaulier and Jacques Lecoq schools.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 5 metres

The show can be performed in a village hall, arts centre, lecture theatre or similar.
Blackout: Near blackout required
Lighting and sound: the company can bring its own lighting and sound equipment – this involves setting up lighting tripods either side of the audience.
Power sockets: we need access to 4 or 5 power sockets for lighting and sound
Audience seating: standard end-on configuration
Dressing room: we need a small room for changing and storage
Number on the road: 2 performers plus 1 stage manager
Get-in time: 3 hrs
Get-out time: 1hr
Parking: 1 van and 1car

Suitable for science and comedy enthusiasts of any age. The show works well for a public audience, as well as for secondary school groups, engaging students in Key Stage 3 and up with STEM subjects.

‘What’s the Matter?’ is a highly entertaining piece of original comedy theatre. It’s captivating whether you know nothing about physics, or everything there is to know.

Sophie Moysey, Pound Arts, Corsham

This is a fun-filled family show ....This one-act wonder has it all – humour, love, spinny chairs, and a fluffy cat. It’s a must-see for people of any age

Grace Spencer, Air in G

A really great fun show that was enjoyed by lovers of science and comedy in equal measure. It felt like we were transported to the best of Edinburgh Fringe

Tracy Sullivan, Trowbridge Arts

The show can be accompanied by a short hands-on workshop lasting approx 30 minutes, involving some fun, simple physics experiments including Balloon Kebabs and Straw Oboes. Alternatively, a physical theatre workshop lasting 1 hour is available. Costs start from £100 per workshop.

Basic show fee £550, plus accommodation costs if required. We are happy to be hosted by staff or volunteers in order to reduce accommodation costs. A reduced fee may be possible if we do more than one performance in or around the same location.