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The House Behind The Lines

by Buglight Theatre


A unique story of female prostitutes in WWI

about the production

The House Behind The Lines is a new play devised and scripted from our research into the hidden history of sex workers on The Western Front in World War I. Publicly preaching the virtues of abstinence, the British Army quietly condoned visits to ‘soldiers comforts’ as good for morale, and even regulated brothels behind the lines, while the war against rampant venereal disease raged all around. This war story is all about the women, as it should be! Lest they be forgotten.....

about the artist

EXPLORATORY-BOLD-PLAYFUL-COMPASSIONATE We are a theatre company based in Yorkshire making high-quality theatre for audiences across the UK. We also create participation projects in the region and beyond. We love stories and we are passionate about sharing them. We embrace experimentation, collaboration and new ways of working and telling stories. We make work that aims to entertain, provoke conversation and encourage empathy. We are a small company with big ambitions.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 4 metres

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Whats' fantastic about this is that it is an untold story, I'm in the business of unexplored territory and this is certainly not a story that I have heard told before.

Allen Jewhurst- Chameleon Television

The House Behind The Lines is a textured, gritty and unapologetic piece of theatre depicting the previously untold lives of women on the front line.

Alison Ford- Square Chapel, Halifax

Buglights’ The House Behind The Lines provided a riveting look into the hidden history of prostitution in the first world war. Dynamically portrayed by this fresh and exciting new company from Yorkshire

Ian Morley- The Civic, Barnsley


Would prefer a guarantee and ticket split in our favour- open to offers.