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by K4K Films and Shortcut Productions

theatre, comedy

A multimedia part live/part film featuring Sylvester McCoy and Linda Marlowe as two isolated souls who meet a comic from Hell.

about the production

APARTNESS is a new hybrid - a live stand-up comedian interacts with the audience, introducing and also participating in a tale shown on film. The show is a mixture of live vaudeville-syle comedy and moving-image drama. This innovative piece can play both theatres and cinemas, all that is required is a stand-up's microphone and projection facilities. An exciting new concept that is practical and viable for all. Premiering at this year's 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and available to tour.

about the artist

K4K Films and Shortcut Productions have won many awards in their respective fields. K4K films has produced several award-winning films, available to stream on Amazon in the US and UK. Shortcut Productions too, have won awards for their work in the theatre, having produced over 200 shows for the Edinburgh, Brighton and Arundel Festivals.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 3 metres

Projection facilities (which can be provided if not available) and stand mic and P.A.

Audiences between 16-40 is the preferable age range

“Sylvester McCoy is wonderful…and delightfully weird”

The Guardian

“Marlowe is in the first division of British actresses”

New Yorker

“Eleanor May Blacburn is bubbly, vivacious, brave and compelling”

Manchester Fringe

A Q&A with the writer/director can be booked as part of a three-man crew and cast

Following the past challenging years, the piece was written with viability for all in mind. The show can tour with just one performer and one technician, and this is entirely negotiable. We try to work with you to make it work for all.