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Pirate Circus and the Cutting Out-Crew

by Splats


Can the children's cutting our crew dig up the treasure under their circus and fight off the Pirate attack?

about the production

6 performers perform the play with juggling, vortex cannons, ariel work, tight rope, sword fights and live music.

about the artist

Splats have touring theatre and workshops for 30 years and are currently Ace funded.

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stage dimensions

width: 12 metres

height: 8 metres

depth: 10 metres

Can be inside with a height clearance of six metres and outside with fire juggling

family with children of primary age (younger do enjoy it)

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circus workshop before the show to help the children join the start of the show.

1100+vat for one show 1700+vat for two shows or can discuss a box split.