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frequently asked questions

Can I list my production even if it hasn’t been created yet?

Yes, as long as you’re able to define your touring dates for the calendar and complete the listing form in full.

Can I list tours which are pending funding decisions?

Yes. You may want to put a note about this on your listing.

I am an international company looking to tour in England, can I list my production?

Yes. Be sure to note any freight requirements in the technical section of the listing.

How many productions can I list on tour-finder?

A company can list up to five productions at any one time.

Can I update my listing once it is online?

Yes. We encourage you to keep your listing updated with information such as available dates.

How will programmers contact me if they want to book my production?

Anyone interested in your production will get in touch using the company contact details you provided.

Can I use to contact programmers directly? is a site where programmers search listings according to their interests but we do not hold or share information about who has viewed your listing. Contact details for programmers can often be found on individual venue websites through networks like house.

My production is available to tour on an ongoing basis, can I opt to leave my listing up indefinitely?

We want to ensure that the information on remains up to date and that’s why we’ve designed it so that listings have to be renewed after eight weeks. You will receive a reminder when your listing is about to expire but if your production is still available for bookings, you’ll be able to re-post it, provided you update the information.

If a booking is made as a result of a listing, do we need to pay a royalty or credit the site?

No - but we’d love to hear from you!

Why will my image not upload?

Images will not upload unless minimum 1MB in size. On listings images are displayed as landscape, and you will be able to scale and position images once uploaded. You must upload at least one landscape image for your listing as well as the square image for the homepage.

What information should I include the ’covid’ section?

It’s important for programmers to know that you’ve considered the risks of touring and performing during covid-19. You can include any precautions you’re putting in place when touring and anything you’re doing to ensure the show is safe to perform.

What should I put under the Access section?

The Access section is for you to put down how your show is accessible to different audiences - for example if your show has no spoken word then it may appeal to the D/deaf community or if you have included BSL, captioning or audio description as part of the show or are making all your performances ’relaxed’. If your show could be made accessible by venues providing interpreters or captioning/audio description equipment then please write this down. This section is not for anything else: if you have not made any accessible provisions in your show (which we strongly suggest that you do) then please leave this section blank.

Why can’t I log in?

You are required to log in with the username you created during the registration process - logging in with your email address will not work. If you have forgotten your password, your email address is required to receive the reset password link.