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Dry Season

by Rua Arts

spoken-word-and-live-literature, theatre

Kat thought they were too young to worry about menopause; biology thought differently…

about the production

Kat takes you on a journey through a chaotic year of hormone issues, NHS visits, and unexpected camaraderie. Honest and intimate, with dark humour Dry Season tells Kat’s story of premature ovarian failure and questions our expectations of age and gender. Dry Season was created by Kat as a response to the shock of their unexpected diagnosis, and to encourage the discussion of issues around menopause. Having discovered that their initial feelings of shame and isolation were shared by countless others, Kat counters this, using the prism of their own journey to generate knowledge and empathy between people of different

about the artist

Kat Lyons is a Bristol-based writer and performer. They have told stories foradults and children, collaborated with an ecologist to create site-specificexplorations of the intersections of myth, folklore and environmentalscience, and presented at the University of South Wales’ annualStorytelling Symposium. They were an artist in residence with ArtspaceLifespace in 2019, and with Shoebox Theatre in 2020.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 6 metres

depth: 4 metres

Projector, Table, Chair, basic lx rig, mic.

16yrs + ideal for women and people who experience menopause, LGBTQ+ artist, spoken word fans, contemporary theatre fans, ideal for 30yrs+

“Perfect mix of raw honesty, humour and beauty”

Audience Member

“Loved it – brilliant, engaging and vitally important”

Audience Member

Workshops facilitated by Kat are available. Every performance includes a 30min post Q&A with Kat.

£500 fee or open to discuss guarantees/deals.

Covid Risk Assessment available.