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On Edge

by Justice in Motion

dance, physical-theatre-and-circus

What does freedom really mean?

about the production

A breath-taking, stunning, engaging piece that marries theatre and parkour in inspiring new ways. Imagine the energy and excitement of athletic choreography on a parkour ‘construction site’. ON EDGE tells a moving, stimulating story. Slavery exists today: under our noses; within our communities; outside our knowledge. At each location we can arrive with a parkour park set erected for community use. Join the team before the show to learn ‘how to’ and explore the freedom of moving with ease around the parkour park.

about the artist

We make theatre. A powerful, thought-provoking, visual type of theatre. We tell stories about people who are victims of social injustice. Our shows are exciting and engaging. They mix dance, theatre, parkour, aerial acrobatics, film and music. They captivate and draw you in as we shine a light into some of the dark places you can’t, normally, see.

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stage dimensions

width: 12 metres

height: 6 metres

depth: 10 metres

Day before first performance.
AM: Build (4h min) ; PM: Rehearsals.


The show can be performed no more than twice each day. There is a minimum rest period required of two (2) hours between shows.

Minimum 2 crew for get-in, build and get-out. 1 for rehearsal and performance day.

Minimum provision required for parking 1 x 7.5t truck & 2 cars. If the Parkour Park is required additional parking required for1 x 3.5t sprinter van.

Important to highlight that the performance must be sited on flat, level ground

Young activists - students and other young people concerned about social justice; dance/theatre fans; ‘good’ citizens concerned with looking after others and their communities; parkour and fitness fans; families; schools;

“On Edge is a physically demanding and exhilarating performance with a lyrical beauty combined with some heart-stopping parkour moves.”

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“The work is a powerful testament to a challenging issue that many people have no awareness exists right at their doorsteps. The ensemble performance was dynamic and kinetic, demonstrating a real directorial ability to bring performers together both physically and emotionally. This was translated to the audience who sat there in rapture during the entire production, riveted by both the narrative and the tempo which never ceased to infatuate and provoke.”

R.M. Sanchez-Camus Co-founder Social Art Network

‘ON EDGE is one of the best outdoor performances I have seen in 2019. Beautifully crafted, high octane choreography and poignant visual imagery at the service of such a difficult topic. BRAVO Justice in Motion, keep provoking meaningful conversations about justice.'

Daniela Essart, Artistic Director Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

The show features no spoken word and is therefore suitable for those hard of hearing or who language would be a barrier. Audio Description for the show can also be arranged.

A parkour park playground is set up beside the performance area for engaging young people with the freedom and movement of parkour in a safe and managed way, overseen by our trained and qualified parkour instructors..
We have an exciting and dynamic engagement package for school groups and local youth organisations that combines the disciplines of physical theatre, storytelling and parkour, all within a process that explores the issues around modern slavery and social justice. These sessions can range from one-off taster sessions to full residencies creating ‘curtain-raiser’ pieces to be presented alongside ON EDGE.

1 Day (2 performances): £6,500 + transport, subsistence & accommodation if required

2 Days (3 performance): £8.500 + transport, subsistence & accommodation if required

All our cast and crew are tested for COVID before each performance day and not allowed on site / on the set until a negative test has been confirmed and a temperature check is carried out.

The set is cleaned and sanitised before and after each performance.

The performance area maintains a social distance of at least 2m at all times between performers and audiences

Masks worn at all times when indoors or when public facing (and not performing)