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Doctor Faustus

by Mike Wilson Productions Ltd


A one-man adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's masterpiece

about the production

This adaptation of the ‘A text’, which has been edited into a 70-minute, one-man performance, keeps the essential themes of power, corruption, sin and damnation at the heart of the story whilst exploring deeper messages that are extremely relevant today. The high energy production features climactic emotionally charged moments alongside subtle, powerful stillness to represent the fast-paced changes of Faustus’ mind and his almost split personality between good and evil.

about the artist

Mike Wilson Productions was formed in 2019 with the aim of creating artistically compelling and commercially successful theatre and entertainment. Through collaborative work with creative professionals, our company aims to act as both a platform for new ideas and a home for audience favourites.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 6 metres

depth: 4 metres

- Black box
- 4x4m playing area
- 4 colour wash
- PA system
- Either thrust stage or end-on

The piece attracts a wide classic theatre audience however we anticipate keen interest within student groups due to the text's popularity at A Level and University.

There is a simple word which must open this review of Christopher Marlowe's masterwork, and that word is courage… In a severely cut but yet effective production by Roma Farnell, Faustus is carried successfully by Harry Boaz, a talented young actor with the lithe grace of an athlete and the capacity for tragedy of a young Paul Scofield… Boaz uses his eyes well to express both pain and joy as the fiendish act of treachery unfolds, and he begins to realise that by selling his soul he has lost any hope of redemption by God.

Richard Edmonds (Critic)

Roma Farnell has done a remarkable job of transforming Christopher Marlowe’s drama into a production for a single performer… The eerie atmosphere created, especially by the excellent sound effects and clever lighting design, is very effective

Tim Crow (Critic)

Marvelous... thought provoking and intriguing... astonishing one-man, one-act performance - very well executed right down to his own death and betrayal. Cleverly woven, clearly portrayed, and easy to follow for non-scholarly viewers. Left with the message that we bring trouble on ourselves through misguided good intentions. First rate, five-star performance and production. Well done to everyone involved. Very much a play for our times.

Deb Davis (Audience)

We are happy to work with venues on any access requests.

Pre/post show talks with Harry Boaz (Doctor Fautus) can be arranged.

80/20 split

Although we anticipate the easing of covid restrictions by August, we have limited our touring company to two persons who will each require their own dressing room in order to meet our risk assessment requirements.