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The Kaspar Hauser Experiment

by Animikii Theatre


Conman? Prince? Orphan? Painter?

about the production

"It is our task to uncover the crime... blood is on the wall.... we must discover the villain." In 1828 a strange boy appears in a town square holding a note claiming to have been held in a darkened room for 17 years... You are invited by Kaspar Hauser, the foundling of Nuremberg, to witness his live experiment. Kaspar Hauser is one of the most puzzling figures in world history; a born enigma. Expect the unexpected.

about the artist

We present MYTHS and LEGENDS with a dedication to character study and the story’s essential expression at the centre of our work. We are a theatre company with a fearless imagination and are committed to serving the unique principles of one of humanity’s most ancient traditions, theatre. Our vision is to never play safe, to serve the work, create with colour, and take risks. We are a theatre company seeking to redefine its own voice and create through challenging collaborations. We devise stories from forgotten times through body, text, song, and any form that feeds and serves the story’s expression.

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stage dimensions

width: 7 metres

height: 3 metres

depth: 7 metres

We require a minimum of 7m x 7m of playing space that is in the round.
The company welcome conversations about adapting required playing spaces. We tour with a stage manager; no venue technician required.
Simple lighting set up required. All sound produced by actors on stage.

This story will resonate with audiences who enjoy work by companies such as Complicite and Frantic Assembly due to the visually inventive story-telling devices, and Song of the Goat Theatre because of the immersive ensemble based song and physicality.

(on Origins 2017) A beautiful performance and it traps you in its haunted world.

Voice Magazine

Animikii Theatre have created something timeless.

Edinburgh Guide

Animikii bring bold, original, physical stories to life on stage with a strong ethos and a real focus on ongoing learning and training. They are always passionate and committed and that comes through clearly in their work.

Matthew Eames, Senior Programmer/Producer, The Lowry.

It is important to us to reflect the unique sensorial world of Kaspar Hauser, who lived with learning difficulties throughout his short life. Included in the performance will be a learning disabled actor within the performance ensemble, giving the play a unique point of view from the perspective of those who are at a minority in modern society. We are working with VIcky Ackroyd (Access Champion), an access specialist who has extensive experience with companies such as MIND THE GAP, to create a sensory, accessible experience.

Learning Disabled audiences will be invited to 'play-days' preparing them for the performance and teaching them about Animikii Theatre's making process. Get in touch to discuss this further.

£900 fee against a split (negotiable). We are not a VAT registered company.