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Scored in Silence

by Chisato Minamimura

dance, theatre

Scored in Silence is a striking solo performance that investigates the dropping of atom bombs on Japan in 1945 and uncovers hidden stories.

about the production

Scored in Silence is a solo digital sign language performance by deaf Japanese artist Chisato Minamimura. The show unpacks the hidden perspectives of deaf people from the handful that survived the horrors of the atomic bomb atrocity in Japan in 1945. The work is based on research and original film of ‘hibakusha’, elderly deaf people with lived experience of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the heart of the show is cutting-edge visual and vibration technology: Woojer© straps worn by audience members offer tactile vibrotactility of the haunting sound composition and Holo-guaze© projection material creates a 3D holographic illusion.

about the artist

Chisato Minamimura is an artist, choreographer and dancer who approaches choreography from her unique perspective as a Deaf artist, creating what she calls ‘visual sound/ music’, collaborating with international digital artists working in sound, projection, vibration and animation. She was born in Japan, now based in London. She has created, promoted, performed and taught dance in over 40 locations across 20 countries, including 3 years (2003–2006) as a company member of internationally renowned CandoCo Dance Company. She has been involved in Aerial Performances with Graeae Theatre Company, London Paralympic Opening Ceremony, 2012 and Rio, 2016 Paralympic Cultural Olympiad.

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stage dimensions

width: 5 metres

height: 0 metres

depth: 6 metres

--A black box space, as close to full blackout as possible.
--Hire of a laser projector.
--Hire of truss.
--Hire of 5 x 50º Source 4 LED Lustr 2
--Hire of vibration cabling/infrastructure
--Highly competent technician with a sound bias in order to support the install of the show
--1 x Shure Beta 58 or similar (for voiceover).
Wireless microphone can also be used but venue to provide system and appropriate RF licensing.
--Digital/analogue mixer
--High quality, full-range system (d&b, Meyer, EM Acoustics, etc.) appropriate to venue size and distances from stage/hang position to audience seating.

Further info available in tour pack

--Deaf and disabled, due to subject matter of disabled experience during World War II and use of sign mime, English with captions, voice-over and British Sign Language (BSL). Also enhanced access through Woojer vibrotechnology belts worn by audience.
--People interested in history, specifically war and the impact of war
--People interested in Japan
--People interested in digital technology and use in theatre and performance, as show uses Woojer© straps & Holo-guaze© projection material
-- People interested in theatre, dance, live art and performance and work that cuts across these

Lucky to catch Scored In Silence, a remarkable digital artwork at Greenside Venue #EdFringe19 by @CMinamimura about the untold stories of deaf people who survived the Hiroshima Atomic bomb. It brilliantly blends sound, light, animation, vibration and sign language. #ACEsupported

Darren Henley, CEO, Arts Council England

The story was very moving, and your performance was incredibly powerful and thought-provoking

Antonio Benitez, Director, Manchester Science Festival

Minamimura moves in response to the magical images depicting everyday life — people going about their lives, delivering the post, tending to rice in a paddy field — in the countdown to the shocking turn of events. The testimonies defy the imagination; witness to the falling of black rain on a landscape filled with corpses. It is a powerful and heartbreaking piece of storytelling — emphasising the isolation experienced by deaf people.

Colin Hambrook, Editor, Disability Arts Online

The performance uses sign mime, English with captions, voice-over and British Sign Language (BSL). We can also provide Audio Description for certain shows.
The show can be translated for international audiences, including English and sign language.
The show aims to be fully accessible and was developed with feedback from Deaf and disabled audiences, with ongoing feedback welcome.

Post-Performance Q&A for Scored in Silence or Panel: We can provide Q&A with Chisato and team for audiences after each show at no additional cost.

Workshops: Chisato can provide Deaf-led bespoke workshops for participants who are deaf and/or hearing with mixed ability of all ages for max 20 people, exploring themes including: Movement, physical and sensory; exploring physical sound from a D/deaf perspective; without audio or music. Min 3 hours @ £200

Presentation & talks: Chisato can provide a talk with PowerPoint on the following subjects:
--Deaf/ Disabled art for Social Change in the UK
--Can projects be Deaf-led?

Artist fees for touring “Scored in Silence” are as follow:
Option 1. £4,450 — For 1 performance (4 days)
Option 2. £7,750 — Weekly fee (up to 5 or 6 shows in 7 days)
This will include per-diem for 5 people.
For Option 1, an additional performance day can be added for an extra