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by RoguePlay Theatre

physical-theatre-and-circus, theatre

Sleepless is a celebration of parenthood that tackles the dangerous extremes life changing experiences can push us to as we adjust.

about the production

Sleepless is a genuine and honest female solo show tackling maternal mental health head on. Focusing on sleep deprivation and emotional stress, Sleepless is a highly physical piece combining physical theatre, aerial silk and spoken word. Created from diary entries of new mother Kim Charnock, and poetic scribblings of Co-Director Lorna Meehan, who struggled with insomnia during a time of depression and anxiety, Sleepless leads you through breastfeeding, first night's out and the incessant isolating incubation of being stuck at home. Sleepless' emotionally charged, disjointed narrative finds humour in the chaos of the exerting intricacies of parenthood.

about the artist

RoguePlay is a UK based highly physical theatre company, creating a unique blend of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, contemporary dance, spoken word and physical theatre. Producing work both indoor and out, nationally and internationally, RoguePlay have a 10 year history of small to medium scale touring productions and commissions. RoguePlay manage Birmingham's dedicated Circus Space; West Midlands Circus & Creation Centre, produce the renowned Aerial Festival, TILT and have an impressive history of national touring shows and commissions, working with companies such as Nofit State, Birmingham Hippodrome, Gravity & Levity and Channel 4.

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stage dimensions

width: 6 metres

height: 6 metres

depth: 4 metres

The show involves aerial silk, so there should be rigging capabilities at the venue. If this is not possible then the show can travel with an aerial rig. This can be discussed in more detail with the venue.
Lighting rig and pre-recorded sound to be played

Ages 14+
Parents, carers and single mothers

'A truly honest and inspiring account of parenting. You must see it!' (Audience member)

Audience Member

‘It’s ok, you’ll feel better once you’ve got some….DON’T DROP THE BABY...sleep.’

From the Show


The show comes with post-show discussions regarding the creation and content of the piece. This is included in the cost of the show booking.

Secondary & college workshops looking at parenting through physical theatre, led by the performer and Director are offered at an additional £300 per day

The show is available for 1-3 nights, with the following costs:
£800 for first night
£500 every night thereafter