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by JLA Productions


What if he was always meant to fail? A viceral, radical reimagining of Shakespeare's most popular play

about the production

A contemporary re-telling of the story. The Three Witches are reimagined as Malcolm, Lady Macbeth and her brother Macduff using Derren Brown style mind control to make Macbeth a mere puppet in their game. Their deliberate use of emotional and mental manipulation gives an already dark play a very real and relatable sense of fear. It frees the production from historical constraints and offers a gritty, political thriller. The reimagining of the three witches throws a brand new slant on the story and leaves the audience with a brand new view of these already well known characters.

about the artist

JLA Productions is the pairing of theatre professionals Luke Adamson and Joseph Lindoe. With over 30 years of combined experience in professional theatre Luke and Joseph have pooled their resources to produce work that aims first and foremost to entertain, whilst embarking on projects that are socially conscious and at least feel a little bit different. Our work has been seen both in London and across the country.

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stage dimensions

width: 3 metres

height: 2 metres

depth: 3 metres

We require a full sound system with PC input to run our around cues. We will provide a laptop with Qlab for this.

We will require a basic lighting rig with programmable/customisable desk. We will provide any colours/gobos required.

Our Set:
The set will be suggestive and minimal. Ideally we will be able to suspend some lightweight cargo-netting from the rig. The rest will be dressing.

School audiences and families with children potentially studying Macbeth in future.
Shakespeare fans
Fans of both classic and contemporary theatre

On Luke Adamson's previous tour: “Oh No It isn’t was incredibly popular with our audiences. The mix of thoughtful drama and very silly comedy charmed and entertained them in equal measure. The company is an incredibly talented crew that we would jump at the chance to have return to the club. Luke Adamson is one of the most entertaining writer/actors and everything he does gets our attention.”

Alan Lane, Artistic Director - Slung Low

On Luke Adamson's previous tour: “Oh No It Isn’t was a huge hit with the venue staff and the audiences - a wonderfully written, expertly performed and perfectly observed piece of theatre. The company were a joy to work with and we look forward to them returning to us in the future.”

Fin Irwin, Managing Director - Into Bodmin

We are unable to offer signed or audio described performances.
We would be more than happy to offer a relaxed performance if requested.

We will be offering schools workshops around the production with the director and cast members.

We are looking for a minimum guarantee of at least £600 against a fair box office split.