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Faerie Cakes

by Paper Balloon Theatre Company

theatre, children-and-family

A magical baking adventure

about the production

Faerie Cakes follows a young woman’s return to her great aunt’s long-forgotten bakery in an unfamiliar town. Soon, she is following tiny footprints in the flour and peculiar recipes to plunge headlong into a magical baking adventure, where strange creatures scurry, and all is not quite as it seems. Magical puppetry, live music, dance and baking combine in this new production for families from 3+

about the artist

Paper Balloon Theatre produce original, innovative theatre for young people and their families. As well as new writing & devising, all PB productions feature original music from Darren Clark (RSC, Scamp Theatre, Stiles and Drewe Award 2018). Their work fuses physical theatre, movement, live music and puppetry to tell new stories. Creative work is developed in meaningful collaboration with young people; through workshops and performance exchange supported by local venues.

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stage dimensions

width: 4 metres

height: 4 metres

depth: 4 metres

Still in development; rider available on request.

children, families, young people aged 3+, fans of puppetry, bakers,Bake Off fans, nursery groups


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BSL - signed performances available: please arrange with company, Relaxed performances available on request, visual story board available for download from company website/available for venues

Currently in development

£800-900 Guarantees: negotiable vs a split. No additional charges for travel within 100 miles of London base